Union Plus Credit Card

Union Plus credit cards are provided by Union Privilege, one of AFL-CIO’s program organizations established to serve one of its goals.

The aim of the Union Plus brand is to give consumer benefits to retirees and members of certain labor unions in the United States. It offers a wonderful array of products and services such as the Union Plus credit card exclusively to members and their families.

More than 3 million members carry the Union Plus credit card. Not only does it come with amazing features, it also offers cardholders real value for their money. The Union Plus credit card charges no annual fee and lets cardholders save with competitive interest rates and other fees. For the first six months following account opening, a Union Plus credit card holder is given 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers. After this period, the purchase and balance transfer APRs will revert back to the standard 14.99%, 16.99%, 20.24% or 23.24%, depending on the cardholder’s credit rating. For cash advances, a variable APR of 23.99% is applied. However, for Union Plus credit card holders with bad payment habits, a penalty APR of 24.99% may be imposed. These APRs will still be added to the prime rate, making the monthly APR varied each month.

The Union Plus credit card also provides a 25-day standard grace period for new balances occurred on purchases. This grace period is only applicable to card members who paid their previous balance in full. Charges and fees for the Union Plus credit card include a minimum interest charge of $1 for bills with periodic interest, a foreign transaction fee of 1% of the amount in US dollars, and an over the limit fee of $39. A cardholder is also charged with a $10 or 4% balance transfer fee. However, balance transfers made at the time of application are only charged $10 or 3%. The cash advance fee for the Union Plus credit card is also $10 or 4% of the amount, whichever may be greater.

Union Plus credit card holders with late payments are charged $15 for balances of up to $10; $29 for balances above $100 to $1000; or $39 for balances above $1000.

The Union Plus credit card features a 100% fraud liability protection and a skip payment privilege. It also offers assistance for merchant disputes such as billing statement errors. In case of problems, Union Plus credit card holders can call the Union Plus customer service which operates 24 hours a day.

The Union Plus credit card is from MasterCard and is issued by HSBC Nevada and requires a good credit rating or a FICO score of 747 for approval.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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