The Show MasterCard

Availability and Eligibility

The Show MasterCard is an invitation only credit card, managed by Bryant State Bank. Typically, if you are searching for a credit card that will accept poor credit rating, you may receive an invite through the mail, or in your email inbox, saying that you have pre-qualified for a Show MasterCard account. Typically the email or letter will direct you to the online application for the Show MasterCard. A point of information, pre-qualifying for an account does NOT mean they have already accepted you. Anyone applying for this credit card will still be credit checked, and this will still show up on your credit record. If you are concerned about too many credit checks and reducing your credit rating, then think carefully before completing the application form. There is a statement that says the following about the pre-screen process; " PRESCREEN & OPT-OUT NOTICE: You were selected for this "prescreened" offer of credit because the credit bureau gave us your name and address and indicated that you met our minimum credit criteria (the way you maintain your other credit cards and/or loans)." At least one customer has contacted Trans Union about this statement and found that as far as they are concerned, this statement is untrue.

Process of application

The application is online, and they say that they will give you an immediate answer. The first step of the application form is to enter the reservation number sent to you in the letter or email, so you cannot apply unless you have received this personally. The entire account is managed online, as is any contact that you may have with Bryant State Bank as the supporting provider, they have branches in Bryant, but no corporate website, all contact is through your credit card online account. The Show MasterCard application will require the normal proofs of identity and a credit check will then be run against your name and address.

Rates and offers

Currently there are three offers, aimed at differing credit levels, under the Show MasterCard banner. In effect, they will offer you a card based upon your credit rating, but give you no idea at the start of application as to what are their accepting criteria. The lowest interest rate offer is 21.9% APR plus a $50 annual fee, 25 days of free interest if you pay the balance in full each billing cycle. The highest rate of interest, plus terms is clearly or clients with a poor credit rating; 35.9% APR plus an annual fee of $75 taken from your credit limit, so if you do not pay it in full immediately, you will be charged interest on your annual fee. There are less expensive and better known credit cards than the Show MasterCard, and it pays to shop around and check all details before applying and adding yet another application to your credit report.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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