The Emblem MasterCard

The Emblem MasterCard is a creation of Jefferson Capital Systems LLC located in Minnesota, America.

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC is a debt collection company that collaborates with credit originators and debt buyers, in order to provide debt-ridden consumers a solution to their problems through their balance transfer program. The company offers this pre-approved MasterCard to help the consumer reduce his or her debt. Through the Emblem MasterCard, consumers are given the chance to earn available credit, qualify for a credit card, and make low monthly payments.

The Emblem MasterCard Credit Card Program (Emblem Fresh Start Solutions Program) or the debt-transfer credit card program provides consumers the opportunity to diminish their debt; more so, the company markets the cards as a credit card with charged-off debt. This means that the consumer's old debts from certain companies would be moved at once to the card; also, this would be reported as fully paid to consumer reporting agencies.

The Monterey County Bank issues the Emblem MasterCard. The card can be used at ATMs wherever the MasterCard Credit Card logo are found. There are certain fees connected with this account such as the account-opening fee, annual fee, and the account maintenance fee. One can request other family members to avail of the card by simply calling the customer service number, which is printed at the back of the card. Usually credit card agencies need the customer's Social Security number in order to validate one's identity and to ensure that they have the correct information from credit reporting agencies. The customer can make payments online through the Online Account Access in their website. Prior to making online payments, one has to retrieve his User ID. The company does not accept payments from another credit or debit card. Other methods of payment available would be through mail, phone, Western Union or MoneyGram or online. The customer can also pay through a financial institution using his MasterCard. They also offer the Automatic Payment Plan, wherein it comes out directly from the customer's checking account.

During instances that the customer fails to remember his User ID, he is required to enter his full credit card number, zip code, last four digits of his social security number and date of birth. The customer can also change his password by entering his User ID, surname, credit card number, last four digits of his social security number, and zip code. Upon completing the necessary data, the customer can then create and confirm his new password. For any questions or inquiries regarding the Emblem MasterCard, correspondence can be sent to the Emblem MasterCard Services, P.O. Box 105555, Atlanta GA 30348-5555.

There are two websites to refer to for online inquiries regarding the Emblem MasterCard. The company's home page is Clicking the button that has "for emblem cardholders", will open the Emblem MasterCard website,;jsessionid=3ADDA0CF5312E56866D86C778CF7A15B.myemblemcard_node1.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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