RBSNB Credit Card

RBSNB or the RRBS National Bank is a financial institution based in Connecticut.

It recently merged with RBS Citizens, N.A. and now provides the RBSNB credit card - the RBS Platinum™ MasterCard®. This credit card is intended for cardholders with an excellent credit rating and offers numerous benefits fit for their status as a Platinum MasterCard holder.

Perks attached to the RBSNB credit card courtesy of MasterCard include insurance and assistance for travel-related activities. Every RBSNB credit card holder can avail MasterCard’s travel assistance service, a toll-free phone assistance in case of lost or stolen passports or medical or legal emergencies. The card also includes an automatic travel accident insurance applicable worldwide and a baggage delay insurance for cardholders who used their RBSNB credit card to pay for plane tickets. The full benefit that a cardholder may receive from this insurance is $100,000. When the RBS Platinum MasterCard is used to obtain a car rental service, a complimentary theft and damage coverage is given. Also, when a cardholder’s car breaks down in any of the 50 states, s/he can avail the Master RoadAssist® program to get help anytime. The 24/7 MasterCard Global Service™ is also available to RBSNB credit cardholders who need assistance for lost or stolen credit cards and emergency cash. Even all purchases made through the RBSNB credit card are covered through MasterCard’s Extended Warranty Coverage. The cardholder will also not be liable for all transactions resulting from a stolen or lost credit card (both off and online).

Standard features of the RBSNB credit card include a free online account management system that enables the cardholder to view and download transactions and monthly statements, pay for bills, and check credit balances online. At the end of the year every year, RBSNB will send an account summary that the cardholder can view to review all transactions made on the card. Cardholders will also get to enjoy worldwide acceptance from over 20 million locations and ATMs worldwide.

Though it is not a rewards card, the fees and interest rates featured on this RBSNB credit card may compensate for that. The lowest standard APR that it offers is a variable 8.74%. It has a grace period of 27 days and does not charge an annual fee. As an introductory promo, this RBSNB credit card offers 0% interest on both purchases and balance transfers for the first 11 billing cycles after account opening.

For higher chances of approval for the RBSNB credit card, an applicant may need a FICO score of 764 or higher.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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