Honors Credit Card

The Honors credit card is the name of the credit card series from Hilton Hotel available to Hilton Honors Club members.

The Hilton Honors Club is like a loyalty club for travelers who prefer to stay at Hilton Hotels everywhere they go. Members of this club receive privileges and even earn rewards for their loyalty. One of them is the Hilton Honors credit card which is not only available to US residents but to those from Germany, Japan, and the U.K. as well.

The Hilton Honors credit card for US residents can be issued by Citibank or American Express. The Honors credit card from Citibank is called the Citi® Hilton Honors® Visa® Signature Card. This Hilton Card gives numerous rewards including 15,000 bonus points when a cardholder makes $150 worth of purchases within 2 months after opening the account; 6 bonus points for every dollar spent at Hilton Family hotels; 3 bonus points for every dollar spent at supermarkets, gas stations, and drugstores; and, 2 bonus points for every dollar spent on other purchases. A Citi Hilton Honors credit card holder will also be given a Silver VIP status from Hilton Hotels and will not be tied by spending limits and annual fees.

Another Honors credit card is the Hilton Honors® Card from American Express. This card gives 10,000 points when it is used to pay for at least 4 stays at any Hilton property worldwide. Another 20,000 points is given after an Honors credit card holder’s first purchase during the first year of having the card. A cardholder can also get 2,500 points for each of his/her first four stays at Hilton properties during the first 18 months of membership. Booking a stay through Hilton’s website and charging it to the credit card will also give 500 bonus points. When the Honors credit card is used to pay for services within the Hilton Hotels, 6 bonus points are given for each dollar spent. Another 6 points is also be matched for every dollar spent at grocery stores, gas stations, and drugstores, and when the card is used for phone bills, cable bills, and internet bills. Other eligible purchases charged to the Honors credit card will earn 3 bonus points from Hilton Honors. Staple features of the Honors credit card include a zero annual fee and a Silver VIP status exclusive for the cardholder.

The third Honors credit card from Hilton is the Hilton Honors® Surpass® Card from American Express. Features of this card include: 40,000 welcome bonus points for the first purchase made on the card; up to 20,000 bonus points on a cardholder’s first 8 stays at any Hilton properties; 500 points for every stay at any Hilton property charged to the card within 18 months (maximum of 8 stays); 9 points for each dollar spent at participating Hilton properties; 6 points for every dollar spent on groceries, medicine, gas, phone bills, cable TV, and the internet; and, 3 points for each dollar spent on other purchases. An online booking bonus of 500 points is also given when the Honors credit card is used to book a stay at any Hilton Hotel through its website. A Gold VIP status for one year is given to the Honors credit card holder as a welcome gift, with opportunities to earn a Diamond VIP status after. AmEx Honors Surpass cardholders are also given a priority pass to airport lounges throughout the world. The only caveat attached to this Honors credit card is the annual fee, which is $75.


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