GE Low Rate MasterCard

The GE Low Rate MasterCard offers a low interest rate on purchases and lavish deals on balance transfers.

Clients with a balance on their existing cards can benefit from zero percent on balances that will get transferred to the GE Low Rate MasterCard. This will take effect for six months, starting from the date of the newly opened account.

The GE Low Rate MasterCard is currently accepted at over thirty million locations worldwide. Characterized by a low rate on the customers' cash withdrawals and purchases, this would mean less interest especially if the current credit card has a higher rate. In order to save money on paying interest, clients are encouraged to transfer their remaining balances from their existing credit to the new card. Doing so, one will be entitled to pay zero percent for six months upon the opening date of the account. The card also provides instant discounts and benefits to its users. It offers an annual fee of fifty-eight dollars and an annual interest rate of fifteen point forty-nine percent. The interest-free days are up to forty-five days, and cash advance facility is available.

If one would like to have an extra GE Low Rate MasterCard for family members or partner, free additional cards are readily available at no extra cost. All the card transactions would be on one monthly statement, making it convenient for the cardholder to track expenses. Any amount can be transferred from the existing card up to the available credit on one's account. Depending on the client's available credit, one can withdraw up to one thousand dollars per day on an ATM, and up to three thousand dollars per day over the counter. In order to be approved for the card, the company will take steps to verify the client's identity. It also has various criteria in which the client will be judged before approval. Applying for the card online will elicit an immediate response. Otherwise, mailing one's application will take ten working days from date of receipt to receive an answer from the company. Requesting for a credit limit increase can be done by simply logging into the GE Money Low Rate MasterCard Online Service Centre. The client enters the requested credit limit into the Credit Limit Increase page, and if approved, this will take place immediately. One cannot transfer an existing balance from another GE Money card.

The GE Low Rate MasterCard can be managed online through the GE Money Low Rate MasterCard Online Service Centre, which allows the cardholder to check his transaction history, account status, request a credit limit increase, and maintain his account profile. Certain countries do not accept this card, specifically Sudan, Cuba, Burma, North Korea and Iran.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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