Alertpay Credit Card

In the world of online payment methods, Alertpay is a force to be reckoned with. Since its inception in 2004, it has managed to grow into a multinational organization operating in 190 countries and supporting 21 currencies.

Paying and receiving payment through Alertpay is one of the most preferred methods of online shoppers and merchants. Though based in Canada, this company is FDIC insured and is held with federally regulated financial institutions.

Withdrawing from an Alertpay account can be done through check, bank to bank transfer, and through a credit card. Sending and requesting money can also be done by using a credit card. Though there is no Alertpay credit card that exists to date, adding one to your Alertpay account is very simple. You just need to log-in to your Alertpay account and allow the use of credit cards. This is done by clicking on “Credit Cards” under “Financial” on the “Profile” page. This will allow you to make Alertpay transactions through your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card.

Alertpay credit card withdrawal
Though Alertpay credit card withdrawal is limited to amounts from $10 US and $500 US, they can be done in three currencies. Alertpay credit card withdrawal can be in US dollar, Euro, or Pound. You simply log-in to your account and select the withdraw tab. Click the “Credit Card” option and enter the required information as prompted. Alertpay credit card withdrawal will take two to four business days to be completed.

Alertpay credit card usage guidelines
There are certain guidelines that govern the use of credit cards in Alertpay. First, you can add up to three credit cards to your Alertpay account but only two may be used actively. Second, only one credit card can be added at a time. Third, you can only spend $250 US or its equivalent at most per month with one card. Adding another card will increase this limit to $500 US. Also, it is still impossible to use your credit card for Mass Payment.

Alertpay credit card issues
When you are not able to use your credit card for Alertpay transactions, you may want to check the guidelines again. Say your credit card is disabled. What you can do is recheck the information you entered. If an Alertpay credit card payment cannot be completed, make sure that you did not exceed the allowable amount per month. If, on the other hand, you cannot add your credit card to your account, check if your country is supported, if you already used it for a different account, or if you’ve reached the maximum number of allowable credit cards. If problems like these persist, contact Alertpay’s customer support immediately.


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