XBox 360 Credit Card

Attention all Microsoft fans in India.
Here’s the credit card that will make your gaming and shopping experience a lot cheaper - the Xbox 360 credit card. Microsoft has recently partnered with one of India’s top banks to produce a co-branded credit card that will enable Microsoft costumers to enjoy the perks of loyalty. The ICICI Bank - Xbox 360 Credit Card is now available for those who wish to get huge discounts in gadgets and gaming equipment from popular brands.

The Xbox 360 credit card was originally launched to further increase Microsoft’s growing market in India. Increasing sales of the Xbox 360 prompted the company to team up with ICICI Bank and come up with something that will “enable customers to enjoy the benefits of Digital Entertainment products”, hence, marketing their products in new ways. So, what exact types of benefits does Microsoft mean? What can the Xbox 360 credit card offer users?

Primarily, the Xbox 360 credit card offers Xbox 360 shoppers 0% interest rate on their purchases. It even provides up to 40% discount on selected products of Microsoft and Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 credit card also gives fabulous discounts on a long list of premium brands like Kodak, Samsung, Planet M, Cox & Kings, among others. Basically, an Xbox 360 credit card will give you 10% off when you use it to purchase a wireless controller. A 15% discount, on the other hand, is given to games like Dead Rising, DOA 4, and Gears of War. However, most transactions on the Xbox 360 credit card have to be done at an online store. Even the application process is online.

Xbox 360 credit card holders can choose from two financing options. The first offers 0% interest charges, a 2% processing fee, and up to 40% discounts on selected products of Microsoft. The second financing option offers 0% interest charges and a nominal processing fee of Rs. 899.

So, what does it take to avail an Xbox 360 credit card? Since it’s a co-branded card, you’ll have to be careful with a hard credit check. This may reduce your card rating but if you’re looking to increase credit, then the Xbox 360 credit card may just be the one for you. Just remember that this type of card is only recommended for frequent Microsoft customers who can really make use of the discounts and offers or those who make big purchases from time to time.


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