Von Maur Credit Card

The Von Maur department store is a retail outlet located throughout the upper Midwest region of the United States.
The Von Maur headquarters is located in Davenport, Iowa. There are approximately twenty-five retail outlets in ten different states from Minnesota to Missouri and Nebraska to Ohio. Von Maur offers fine men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry, beauty and fragrance items, gifts and collectables, as well as clothing for children and juniors. Items are often first on the market. Shopping can be done at any of the retail outlets or online.

Von Maur is a family owned store since 1872. Von Maur has become a staple of many people’s shopping and family lives throughout the upper Midwest. As part of its commitment to its customers, the Von Maur family has established a credit card for its customers with unique and exclusive offers. Applicants can apply online or at store locations. Qualified applicants will have moderate to good credit ratings. All applicants will go through a check of their credit histories. Opening a Von Maur credit card account may be a good idea for people looking to improve their credit rating. Use of the Von Maur credit card is reported to major credit bureaus, so making purchases with the Von Maur credit card and paying off monthly balances can actually lead to improved credit ratings.

One of the distinct advantages of the Von Maur credit card is that it is an interest-free card. That means that cardholders will never be charged interest on purchases made at Von Maur with credit. Thus, cardholders can carry a balance on the card from month to month without accruing interest provided that the minimal payments are made every month. The minimum payment due can be calculated based on the balance. Complete details on the calculation of payments can be found on the Von Maur website. Payments are based on cumulative balances.

Additional advantages of the Von Maur credit card are that there is no annual fee for the card and it offers a flexible payment schedule. Monthly payment schedules can also be found online. Customers can apply for a joint Von Maur credit card account, where more than one person can make purchases on the same line of credit. For joint accounts, both applicants will undergo a credit check, both are bound by the terms of the credit agreements, and both applicants are jointly liable for payments of all purchases made under the credit agreements.

The Von Maur credit card is an ideal card for people who frequent any of the Von Maur retail locations or who make Von Maur purchases online. The Von Maur name is associated with high quality clothing and accessories for all members of the family. The Von Maur credit card is an exclusive card offering cardholders interest free purchasing power with no annual fees and flexible payments. It is a great card that allows cardholders to make purchases with credit while improving their credit rating at the same time.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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