Sam's Credit Card

With 602 warehouse clubs across the country, Sam’s Club is the largest exclusive retail warehouse in the United States.
It features a wide range of sections including a photo area, an optical area, a pharmacy, a floral department, and a tire and battery section. To encourage spending, Sam’s Club also offers three types of personal credit cards to all its consumers.

The first Sam’s credit card is the Sam's Club® Advantage Member Credit. Both a membership and credit card, it serves as a personal credit account for all purchases of Sam’s Club members in Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart. This Sam’s credit card charges no annual fee and offers a limited cash access of up to $60 to cardholders. It also offers security features and zero liability on fraudulent purchases. Since it’s a membership-cum-credit-card, it is protected with the cardholder’s photo, giving better protection against identity theft. This Sam’s credit card is usually offered to members with good credit rating, while others will need to fill out an application form to get it.

The Sam's Club® Discover® Earn Cash Back is the second card offered. Aside from the standard benefits of the Advantage Member Credit, this Sam’s credit card features a cash back rewards program that gives the cardholder opportunities to earn up to 2% of their purchases. It also offers exclusive cash access of up to $100 and can even be used wherever Discover is acknowledged.

The third personal Sam’s credit card is the Sam's Club® Discover® Earn Miles. This Sam’s credit card gives the cardholder the opportunity to earn travel rewards for charged purchases. The amount of purchases corresponds to a number of miles that can be accumulated and collected anytime the cardholder wants. Since it’s issued by Discover, this Sam’s credit card can also be used at stores accepting a Discover card. Other features of the card include a zero annual fee and a cash access feature, not to mention the basic benefits of the Advantage Member Credit.

Every Sam’s credit card owner is also given the benefit of managing his/her account online. This feature allows him/her to pay bills, update information, review card activities, and request for a credit increase. However, only Sam’s club members are eligible for application, which can be done online or at a Sam’s Club warehouse. Applying for the Advantage Member Credit will require at least a good credit rating. However, both Discover cards require applicants to have a very good (at least 725 FICO score) rating to be approved for application.

The main benefit of a Sam’s credit card is its convenience. It can actually be used at all Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart stores. The issuer of the card, GE Money, also has a good customer service department in case problems occur. The only drawbacks are the high APRs which can be between 9.87% and 19.90% for the Advantage Member Credit and between 9.87% and 18.87% for both Discover credit cards.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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