Raymour & Flanigan Credit Card

Based in the northeastern region of the United States, Raymour & Flanigan is a furniture retail chain giant, with over 82 showrooms in the area.

Raymour & Flanigan serves the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Products offered by the company range from furniture pieces to home entertainment products to decorative items. Following the steps of other retail giants, Raymour & Flanigan also offers the Raymour & Flanigan credit card to its loyal customers.

Issued by the Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, the Raymour & Flanigan credit card offers a very flexible payment scheme that is applicable until 2014. Called “No Money Down, No Interest ‘Til 2014”, this offer allows a Raymour & Flanigan credit card holder to make a minimum purchase of $2,999 at any Raymour & Flanigan store in order to receive a required minimum monthly payment of 1/50 of the total amount. No interest charges will also be added during the promotional period. This is great news to Raymour & Flanigan credit card holders that are in the middle of a huge renovation project. However, everyone must take note that failure to meet the minimum monthly payment by the bill’s due date may lead to the transfer of the remaining balance to the regular account of the Raymour & Flanigan credit card holder. This will mean that the balance will now incur the interest of regular purchases, which is an APR of 25.99%. For cash advances, the APR is also 25.99%.

Other fees of the Raymour & Flanigan credit card is the minimum interest charge of $1; a cash advance fee of $10 or 4% of the amount; a returned payment fee of $39; and, a late payment fee of $20 (for balances amounting to $250 or less), $29 (for balances between $250.01 and $500), or $39.00 (for balances above $500). The Raymour & Flanigan credit card, however, does not charge any annual fee. It also offers 23 days of an interest-free period.

To apply for a Raymour & Flanigan credit card, one can go directly to a Raymour & Flanigan store or visit the company’s website. The site shows all the basic information about the Raymour & Flanigan credit card. Though it does not indicate the credit rating it needs, probably a fair credit rating will get an approval.

Investing in a credit card that you will seldom use is not really a smart choice. Besides furniture, there is no other place that you can use the card. With its high APR, the Raymour & Flanigan credit card is not a good option for people who are looking to improve their credit rating.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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