Peach Direct Credit Card

Peach Direct was the name of an online retail store that offered a more affordable way for consumers to enjoy products that ranged from electronic items to home furnishings to apparel and beauty products.

Its marketing strategy was to offer these products on low payments that the consumer can pay every month without interest. As a means to pay for these items, Peach Direct launched the Peach Direct credit card which offered to pay for purchases for a minimum of $15 per month without interest for the first 6 months. The Peach Direct credit card was issued by GE Money who managed all accounts in terms of payment and other services. All payments made to the Peach Direct credit card were to be mailed to GE or paid through its online service. This was the only way for the consumer to keep up with his spending and review his account. GE provided a toll-free number in case of complaints and other queries on the Peach Direct credit card.

However, in 2008, Peach Direct changed its name to Venue. With a change of name came a change of the card’s name. The Peach Direct credit card became the Venue card. This was made effective on March 2008 and every Peach Direct credit card account was discontinued. All Peach Direct credit card holders now had to apply for a Venue card should they want their account to be maintained. Applying for the Venue card (new Peach Direct Credit Card) required the consumer to go online to Venue’s website or to apply by phone. Lucky applicants received an instant approval but those who didn’t had to wait for 7 to 10 working days to be contacted by mail regarding their application. Upon approval, the applicant for the Venue card (Peach Direct Credit Card) had to wait for another two weeks to get the card via mail.

The Venue credit card (Peach Direct Credit Card) was a revolving card that offered long term promotions for Venue shoppers, low monthly payments, a zero annual fee, and a zero finance charge for balances that are paid in full on time. Its minimum monthly payment was $15 or 3% of the current balance for purchases starting from $499 or $15 and 4% for purchases that are less than $499.

Another feature of the Venue card (Peach Direct Credit Card) was an online service that showed the cardholder’s current status, his/her credit limit, the available balance and remaining credit, minimum payment, monthly due date, all unpaid amounts, and a comprehensive statement history. This account allowed the cardholder to review his/her statement and to pay online. However, the Venue card (Peach Direct Credit Card) did not allow balance transfers from other credit accounts.

Venue recently decided to discontinue the card to make way for a Layaway Program instead.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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