Navy Exchange Credit Card

The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM), also known as Navy Exchange, is a government-owned retail company that sells general merchandise items such as apparel and electronics exclusively to military personnel on active-duty, reserve personnel, retirees, and their families.

It is composed of 100 NEXCOM retail stores that sell general merchandise items, 155 NEXCOM Ships Stores that sell basic military necessities, 100 Uniform Support Centers that offer uniforms, and 45 Navy Lodges scattered across the United States. The company is a self-supporting unit whose profits proceed to welfare and recreation programs for members of the U.S. Navy and their family.

As an added perk for military personnel, NEXCOM, together with other military exchange stores, launched the Navy Exchange credit card, known as the MILITARY STAR℠ Credit Card. This card is not only accepted at all NEXCOM stores but also at Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) exchanges. It is issued in cooperation with MasterCard, hence, can be used anywhere in the world MasterCard is accepted. As an introductory promo, this Navy Exchange credit card gives the cardholder 10% discount on purchases made the first time the card is used. The Navy Exchange credit card offers one of the lowest interest rates and even has a 25-day grace period so that cardholders can pay without the added interest. Plus, it doesn’t charge an annual fee.

The other Navy exchange credit card can be chosen by those who prefer to earn rewards through their card. This is the MILITARY STAR℠ Rewards MasterCard that offers the same rates as that of the MILITARY STAR℠ credit card but with the added bonus of earning points for rewards that range from gift cards to travel discounts.

The Navy Exchange credit card is available exclusively to active-duty military personnel, retirees, reservists, employees of the Department of Defense that are working outside of the United States on installations, and State Department officials working abroad. It is also applicable to war veterans that have 100% disability and dependents of all mentioned categories.

Qualified applicants of the Navy Exchange credit card may go directly to any military exchange store (NEXCOM, AAFES, etc.) with their Department of Defense or military ID. Once an application form is filled-out, the representative will verify all information and run a credit rating check. Those who get instant approval will be given a temporary Navy Exchange credit card until the customized one is mailed.

Any Navy Exchange card applicant should make sure that all pertinent information such as Social Security Number, military affiliation, and duty stations are correctly written on the form to avoid rejection. The Navy Exchange credit card is one way to reduce living costs by taking advantage of the benefits and promos exclusive to cardholders and their families.


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