MasterCard Market Place

Spring of 2010, April to be exact, marked the launching of the MasterCard Market Place.

MasterCard has created an online mall specifically for their credit card holders in the United States and Puerto Rico. It began with more than 25,000 venders agreeing to give exclusive deals to the MasterCard card holders who register on the MasterCard Market Place website. Discounts, points and special deals are all a part of this new marketplace.

Each card holders shopping experience is customized based on zip code and web usage. Some of the information is gathered at the time users register and the rest is gleaned from web activity. It is the website tracking element of the program that consumers want to be aware of and agreeable to before signing up because that is how the deals you will see are determined. If a card holder has more than one MasterCard they can set up accounts with each one of them although discounts and points only apply to the account being used to make the purchase. The discounts can take up to 3 months to be applied to your statement so it is not a particularly good program for individuals who have bad credit histories or are on a limited budget.

MasterCard Market Place has two tiers, The Program and MasterCard Market Place Plus. Cost and the depth of the discounts offered are two differences between the programs. Each cardholder will need to determine which would be of the most benefit to them. The Program is available to all U.S. and Puerto Rico MasterCard holders free of charge. The free level presents a variety of deals that can be anywhere from 5% to 20% of retail prices. You can also earn statement rebates when the transaction originated in the United States or Puerto Rico; are not a PIN-based transaction; do not involve a non-reloadable gift or pre-paid card; and the Switching is done through the MasterCard Global Clearance and Processing System. The rebate is a credit to your account. The Market Place Plus program requires the payment of a $29.95 annual fee to participate in the special coupons, online discounts and rebate offers market with a "+" on the website. Discounts up to 50% are common and power online shoppers will do well using this marketplace.

MasterCard Market Place has several additional programs. The Overwhelming Offers has limited time or quantity deeply discounted items and a WoWPoints system can win free Overwhelming Offers. Shopping Goddess and Star Advantage benefits give site users additional ways to earn additional points and benefits.

If you are a MasterCard card holder and you have not checked into the MasterCard Market Place, you need to learn how MasterCard has extended your buying power.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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