Marshall Fields Credit Card

  We all know that Marshall Field’s is the previous name of one of the biggest retailers in the United States - Macy’s.
So, for those who have no idea, the Marshall Field’s credit card is the same as the Macy's credit card. Technically, the Marshall Field’s credit card is an example of a retail rewards credit card. This type of card allows loyal clients of renowned retail stores to save on their purchases and get something out of their loyalty. So, to all loyal shoppers of Macy’s, listen up.

Macy’s is offering four types of Marshall Field’s credit cards for the shopper in you: Red, Gold, Platinum, and Elite. All four of these can either come directly from Macy’s or from Visa. So, you have a choice of a store-only Marshall Field’s credit card that offers standard benefits or the co-branded one with Visa for added perks. Both standard and Visa cards offer monthly savings events for cardholders, no annual fees, the privilege of returning purchases without receipts, and an online account management that lets you monitor your account with ease. But with Visa, you can shop at all Macy’s stores worldwide and not be liable for any fraudulent card activity that is done outside Macy’s.

The first Marshall Field’s credit card is the Red Star Rewards Card. This card is for shoppers who purchase up to $499 of Macy’s products. It comes with the standard features of a Marshall Field’s credit card. The Red Star Rewards Visa Card also offers the same features with the standard Visa perks. The next Marshall Field’s credit card is the Gold Star Rewards Card which is for those who purchase between $500 and $999 of Macy’s merchandise. Its visa counterpart also offers the same upgrades with the addition of a $10 rewards certificate per year. If you’re a loyal shopper amassing $1000 to $2499 at Macy’s in a certain period within a year, then the Platinum Rewards Card is the card for you. You’ll even earn 12 free services per year from Macy’s and if you get the one from Visa, you’ll have $25 rewards certificate to look forward to every year. For shoppers acquiring a minimum of $2500, the Elite Star Rewards Card is the Marshall Field’s credit card for you. You’ll even get to have 18 free services per annum and a $25 rewards certificate if you have Visa.

Before you dash to the nearest Macy’s, remember that a Marshall Field’s credit card has an APR of 24.5% and that everything will still be subject to approval. Personal advice, avail one if you really are a loyal and frequent Macy’s shopper or if you’re trying to build credit. If you have bad credit, you will still likely get an approval but with more stringent conditions. If you’re confident that you can pay your bills on time, you can apply for a Marshall Field’s credit card online and avail a 15% discount on purchases made at Macy’s the day you are approved and the following day.



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