Loft Mastercard - The Benefits

Loft Mastercard can open doors for you.

The ability to take advantage of sales at Loft and Ann Taylor stores and build up points with all your purchases makes your money work for you in more ways than one. Enrolling is easy and the benefits are numerous. Store cards aren’t always easier to get but it is one way for someone with bad credit to start rebuilding a new credit profile.

The benefits for a Loft or Ann Taylor patron are great. For every dollar spent either in a store or online, cardholders earn 5 Love Loft Reward points. A one for one dollar point systems is in place for all purchases outside the stores. For every 2,000 points a $20 reward card is issued that can be used at any Loft or Ann Taylor retail site. Birthdays are better when you have a Loft Mastercard because they give you a $15 birthday credit of a purchase made anytime during your birthday month. And on top of that every first Tuesday a 10% discount is given on purchases made that day. Sneak peeks and special offers are periodically issued to Loft Mastercard holders.

The Loft Mastercard is issued by the World Financial Network National Bank headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The annual percentage rate of 24.99% is variable as it is based on the Prime Rate. Interest charges can be avoided if payment is made each month of the total amount due. Loft Mastercard has cash advance and balance transfer options that begin accruing interest as of the date the transaction is made.

Secure online access is available for Loft Mastercard holders that allow you to keep a close eye on your spending and make routine changes. Online payments are free of charge and make it easy to make sure your payments are received before they are due. Address changes, additional authorized buyers and requests for higher credit limits can all be done electronically. By enrolling for paperless statements, you are lessening the chances of identity theft.

Although the interest rate is high, if used prudently, the benefits of having a Loft Mastercard can be great. Not only can you earn 5 points for every dollar spent in the store you can use the card anywhere Mastercard is accepted. For someone with bad credit getting a store credit card is one of the traditional paths back to good standing. Fashion, convenience and making your money work more than one way are the benefits to owning a Loft Mastercard.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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