Linen 'N Things Credit Card

Linen ‘n Things, Inc. was one of the largest specialty retail stores in the United States selling everything from home décor to house ware to accessories.

It had more than 500 locations around the United States and Canada. It also operated an online shop that allowed consumers to purchase the same products found in its stores. Linen ‘n Things had its peak in the 90s which allowed it to expand its stores in North America. To accommodate the growing number of shoppers, Linen ‘n Things launched its own private label credit card in 2002. The Linen ‘n Things credit card allowed loyal customers to get a hand on the store’s loyalty program that would have given them access to exclusive member discounts and promotions.

Aside from having their own line of credit at Linen ‘n Things, Linen ‘n Things credit card holders also got a chance to earn rewards for their loyalty through the card’s Rewards Program. This let Linen ‘n Things credit card holders earn points every time they used their card. Like other rewards programs, this points system allowed them to get freebies such as discounts, gift cards, and merchandise. According to the president of the company at that time, the purpose of the Linen ‘n Things credit card was to serve loyal customers better by providing them with a more convenient and effective form of communication.

The Linen ‘n Things credit card was bound to set the company apart from competing retailers. In fact, it was issued by the largest private-label cards issuer in the US, GE Card Services. The card featured a credit line that involved low interest rates and zero annual fees. It was available in all Linen ‘n Things outlets in the United States. Applicants just needed to apply in-store or online. If they had a fair credit rating, they may have even gotten instant approval and used their card on the same day. As an introductory promo, the Linen ‘n Things credit card gave cardholders a 10% discount on their first purchase using the card.

In 2008, Linen ‘n Things filed for bankruptcy and had all their assets liquidated. The company never recovered but was able to maintain its online site through new owners and operators. Now, only exists. It continued to accept the Linen ‘n Things credit card but had the service removed after a short time. Most card holders were asked to call GE Money to settle their complaints and have their accounts deactivated. Now, the Linen ‘n Things credit card no longer exists.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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