Joann Credit Card

Joann fabric and craft store is a national retail chain that operates in every state in the U.S.
Joann’s offers a diverse array of crafting supplies, including fabrics and sewing machinery and supplies, as well as outdoor accessories, custom framing, and art and crafting supplies. Joann’s also offers classes for people to learn fine arts, including knitting, sewing, and crafting. No matter what craft project you have in mind, Joann’s has tools and materials you will need to get the job done. Now people who enjoy arts and crafts as either a hobby or as a profession can now be rewarded for purchasing arts and crafts supplies. The Joann credit card is now available. Anyone can apply for the Joann credit card; a credit check is required for all applicants and only applicants with moderate to good credit will qualify. The Joann Platinum Mastercard is offered through a partnership between Barclays Bank and Joann stores that links credit card use to the Joann Preferred Customer program.

The Joann credit card offers rewards on all purchases made at Joann fabrics and craft stores or online retailers. For every dollar spent at Joann stores or online, customers earn five Joann Preferred Customer Points. Customers can earn one point for every dollar spent at other retailers as well. When a customer earns one-thousand points he or she will receive a ten dollar creative cash gift card. Additionally, for every five-hundred points earned above the one-thousand points, customers earn a five dollar creative cash gift card. Creative cash gift cards can be redeemed at Joann stores and online for merchandise. The Joann credit card also offers customers a ten dollar creative cash gift card after their first purchase or balance transfer. On top of these rewards, as a cardholder, you also receive exclusive coupons and savings through Joann stores and

For people who love to shop at Joann stores and online, this card is an ideal way to get rewarded for the purchases you make. With this card, you can also earn rewards for purchases at other retail locations. You can also customize your card with one of two designs to match your crafting lifestyle. The terms of the card are so good that you can make this your everyday credit card.

The introductory annual percentage rate (APR) for the Joann credit card is competitive, and there is an introductory zero percent APR for all balance transfers within the first six months. There is no annual fee for the Joann credit card and there is a twenty-day grace period for purchases from the statement closing date on your periodic statement. Note that there are fees for certain transactions and cash advances, plus late payment charges. Be sure you understand the terms of the card before applying. The terms are non-negotiable.

The Joann credit card is the perfect way to earn rewards for crafting and sewing-related purchases you make most often. The terms of this card and rewards will make it one of the most used cards you own.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit

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