HHGregg Credit Card

HHGregg, the rising specialty retailer of consumer electronics and home appliances, is set on filling the void left by Circuit City.
With 118 chains all over Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee and counting, this Indianapolis-based appliance and electronics leader is rushing to bring customers in, in the hopes of making profit out of the still struggling market. As an incentive to loyal clients, the HHGregg credit card is now available for frequent and loyal clients.

The HHGregg credit card is a co-branded card that provides buyers with additional benefits that are tailored to their consumption habits. If you frequent HHGregg, you might find the card useful. However, being co-branded, the HHGregg credit card offers a relatively higher APR compared to that of standard credit cards. The APR of an HHGregg credit card does not fall below 20%. However, if your goal is to improve your credit rating or establish a credit history, this consumer card may just be the right one for you. Since the HHGregg credit card does not necessarily require a good credit rating, it’s quite easy to get approval.

However, there are some things that you need to watch out for before jumping into the bandwagon. Like other co-branded cards, the HHGregg credit card has an annual fee. Check how much it will cost you and try to make sure that the benefits you get will outweigh the costs. Before signing any form and submitting it, make sure to read all fine print and ask questions to the agent or employee assisting you. In general, the descriptions provided when applying for an HHGregg credit card are vague so you need to make sure that all details are clarified and fully understood before you make a decision. You may be assuming to get discounts for all HHGregg purchases just to find out later that it only applies to certain products and under certain conditions. Also, try to clarify the terms that come with their rewards program, and when you do decide to get one, pay off your full balance every month before the payment due date. Since the interest charges of an HHGregg credit card are high, try not to transfer balances lest you want to fall further into their debt trap.

A co-branded card like the HHGregg credit card is meant to teach consumers the right way to use a credit card: moderately and with caution. Since they are fitted to your lifestyle and purchasing habits, they will most likely reflect how you are as a consumer and will teach you to handle your finances in a smarter way.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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