Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card

Helzberg Diamonds is one of the most respected jewelry retailers in the United States.

With over 270 stores across the nation, it provides a wide selection of exquisitely designed rings, necklaces, earrings, and colored gems to millions of jewelry lovers. Now, these enthusiasts have the chance to control their jewelry purchases. Through the Helzberg Diamonds credit card, they now have the opportunity for special financing offers and sales events sponsored by the company. Helzberg Diamonds credit card holders can avail of the 0% interest on payment for 6 months, the $0 minimum payment, and a revolving credit. Plus, they get to receive their purchases for free with the free shipping promo. All Helzberg Diamonds credit card account holders are also given an online account that allows them to receive and pay their bills, view up to 12 months statement history, receive alerts about their accounts, and check recent card activities. This online account management also includes a customer care feature that requires enrollment.

Major fees for the Helzberg Diamonds credit card include a standard APR of 24.9% and a default APR of 28.9%. Charges include a $2 minimum finance charge. Fortunately, it has no annual fee. The Helzberg Diamonds credit card is issued and administered by HSBC Nevada so queries and complaints about billing statements should be directed to the HSBC Nevada hotline. Other fees and charges that may be incurred with the card are not explicitly stated at its official website. An applicant may need to contact HSBC to receive a copy of these fees and payment rules and regulations.

To be qualified for a Helzberg Diamonds credit card, an applicant should not have filed for bankruptcy within the last 10 years, have had unpaid delinquent accounts, and have had major credit card problems within the last 7 years. Obviously, no applicant with a recent bad record filed at any of the credit bureaus will even be considered for the Helzberg Diamonds credit card. Only those with excellent FICO scores and credit ratings will be entertained and be considered for approval. Applicants who used the online application process in the Helzberg Diamonds website can get approval in as fast as 60 seconds. After this, the applicant will receive the Helzberg Diamonds credit card through mail within 1 to 2 weeks.

Only jewelry lovers and businessmen are encouraged to apply for the Helzberg Diamonds credit card. Aside from the rigid requirements, the charges and fees attached to the card are seriously quite difficult to handle.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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