GECAF Credit Card

GECAF, GE’s consumer financial solutions provider, offers merchant credit card accounts to numerous electronics and appliance retail stores in the United States.
Today, the GECAF credit card program transacts business with more than 4,000 businesses over the United States.

The major features offered by a GECAF credit card program include a higher credit line, more business services, high quality merchandise, and special financing promos. All GECAF credit card lines can reach a maximum of $15,000 at one time, giving the store better-selling tickets and greater opportunities for up-selling. It can even provide up to $30,000 credit line without requiring any other additional information from the consumer. The GECAF credit card program also offers gift card promos and bankcard processing. Moreover, to drive costumer traffic and sales, it can support manufacturer’s events and promos and give online advertising tools and merchandizing materials.

Through the GECAF credit card program, your business can get funding within 48 hours, enroll in non-recourse programs, and receive free training and point of sale terminals for processing sales, application, and settlement. Businesses enrolled in the GECAF credit card program are also given a 24-hour access to reports and are entitled to the 7-day service support.

Customers of the GECAF credit card program-enrolled businesses can also reap the benefits of having low required minimum monthly payments, zero annual fees, 24-hour access to their online accounts, and available credit lines for repeat purchases. They can even receive daily zero-interest promotional financing through the stores they are enrolled in.

Enrollment in the GECAF credit card program can be done by phone through GECAF’s toll-free number. Businesses that are members of the following organizations are entitled to certain privileges offered by GECAF: BrandSource/HES, Nationwide Marketing Group, Marta Cooperative of America, MEGA Group USA, NARDA Association, and Bath & Kitchen Buying Group. Retailers approved for the GECAF credit card program will receive via mail the terminal and the start-up kit that contains details of the program, merchandising materials, a training DVD, and the complete pricing information. Then, they will be contacted via phone to set up store training immediately.

Cards offered by the GECAF credit card program are issued by GE Money Bank. Retail stores enrolled in GECAF include Ace Hardware, ABC Supply, 84 Lumber, American Exteriors, Belk, Bassett Furniture, Contractors Warehouse, Cost Plus/World Market, Ethan Allen Furniture, Furniture Brand Group, HH Gregg, Home Design, HWI-Do It Best, Ikea, JCPenney, Linens ‘n Things, Orvilles Home Appliances, Plasma Depot, Rooms to Go, RoomStore, Sears Home Improvement, Thomasville Furniture, and Wal-Mart, among others.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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