Future Group Credit Card

Future Group, one of the leading conglomerates of India with its multiple businesses has recently tied up with ICICI bank on a venture aimed to bring in more clients to the house and encourage customer loyalty.
Its financial services subsidiary, Future Capital Holdings has launched in 2008 the most recent Future Group credit card, the Future Card.

This Future Group credit card is a standard credit-cum-loyalty card that offers reward points to clients who shop at all Future Group retail outlets that are located in 65 rural areas and 71 towns and cities all over India. This Future Group Credit Card is accepted in all retail stores managed by the company: Pantaloon Retail, Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Hometown, E-zone, and Central. It can even be used in other stores. However, since loyalty is what the group is aiming for, the points earned by cardholders will depend on how many times they shop at Future Group stores. For starters, 4 points will be awarded for every 100 rupees spent at Future Group's retail outlets. If a Future Group credit card holder decides to shop in another place, only 1 point will be given per 200 rupees spent.

Future Group already has three existing co-branded credit cards with ICICI Bank: the ICICI Bank Big Bazaar Shakti Credit Card, ICICI Bank Big Bazaar Silver Credit Card, and the ICICI Bank Big Bazaar Gold Credit Card. Each Future Group credit card can be used at particular Future Group retail stores and rewards points for loyalty to these stores. The Future Card is different. This Future Group credit card will extend this to other outlets as well.

Some of the rewards offered by this Future Group credit card include discounts and cash backs on food, books, apparel, electronics, beauty and fitness, etc. in almost all retail outlets they have in store. This Future Group credit card has relatively low charges and fees. It has no annual fee and no add-on card fee. It also has an interest rate of 3.15% per month and a maximum credit period of 52 days. This Future Group credit card also has a purchase Interest rate of 41.69%, which is the average in India. There is also a late payment fee of 30% of minimum amount (which should be a minimum of Rs 350 and a maximum of Rs 600). Athough this Future Group credit card is limited to domestic use, it can be used in all Visa-accepting stores in India and for online ticketing purchases.

To qualify for this Future Group credit card, a minimum age of 21 years is required. A self-employed applicant must earn a net income of Rs. 1,50,000 while a salaried applicant is required to earn Rs.1, 44,000. People with bad or no credit are better off without this credit card since requirements are stringent and APRs are not really friendly.


Source: Credit Card For People With Bad Credit Rating

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