Express Store Credit Card

The giant American fashion retailer, Express Store, has jumped on the store credit card bandwagon.
Like Macy’s, Target, Wal-Mart, and Nordstrom, Express Store now has the Express Store credit card for its loyal customers.

Like other retail credit cards, the Express Store credit card offers discounts, promos, and a lot of other perks. The store actually offers two types of cards to interested applicants: the Base Express Store Credit Card and the A-List Express Store Credit Card. Both these cards will give cardholders special notification on the store’s special offers, events, and new merchandise. Both also have Bonus Point Days to encourage shoppers to spend more by faster point accumulation.

The Base Express Store credit card gives the cardholder a 15% discount on purchases made with the activation and use of the card. It also gives the cardholder a $10 birthday coupon and a $10 reward for every 250 points earned. The A-List Express Store Credit Card, on the other hand, gives $15 dollar birthday coupons to cardholders and $15 dollar rewards for every 250 points earned. However, before you get lost in these perks, be aware of the terms and conditions attached to them. The initial 15% discount for the Base Express Store credit card is only given to in-store applicants. So, if you applied online, this will not be available for you. The $10 and $15 rewards for cardholders of both cards will only be given to accounts with good standing. Also, the Express Store Credit Card Rewards System is only for those who use their card at least once a year.

Although still subject to approval, student applicants who are 18 and above will only need their valid student ID to apply for the Express Store credit card.

The good thing about this card? It’s easier for people who have no credit history or bad credit rating to get approval since retail cards like this are more lenient to the applicant’s credit profile. It may even help them rebuild their credit history when used properly. The cons of the Express Store credit card include a high interest rate which is 24.99% and a lower credit limit. If you want to establish or rebuild your credit history, the Express Store credit card may be good for you. If you are a constant shopper at Express Store, this may be a good idea for you, too. Just make sure to fully pay off the bill every month to escape interest rate increase. If you just want the initial 15% discount and won’t go back to Express, forget it.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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