Carson's Credit Card

The Carson’s credit card is the official store card of Carson Pirie Scott & Co., the chain of department stores with over 30 outlets in the metropolitan area of Chicago.

It is issued by HSBC and can be used to purchase products not only of Carson Pirie Scott but also of Bergner’s, Bon-Ton, Boston Store, Detroit-area Parisian, Herberger’s, and Younkers Elder-Beerman. Carson Pirie Scott is like the go-to store for all types of products and home needs. From clothing to cosmetics to furniture, Carson Pirie Scott offers a wide array of items that range from budget to high-end. The store is more commonly known as Carson’s, and has been a part of The Bon-Ton Stores Inc. since March 2006.

Aside from a zero annual fee, the main feature of the Carson’s credit card is the rewards program that it offers to cardholders. This rewards program has four-levels, each representing the point accumulated by a Carson’s credit card holder. As a cardholder earns more points, s/he can be promoted to a higher level rewards club that offers more exciting features and benefits.

The first level is Classic. The classic rewards level is where all newly-enrolled Carson’s credit card holders are. This level offers a variety of rewards including birthday celebration discounts and sales, exclusive savings from any of the stores accepting Carson’s credit card, and advanced notification of sales and events from Carson’s, deals that are also available in all three other levels.

The second level is Signature. This level of the rewards program is for Carson’s credit card holders who have earned a minimum of 500 points from their purchases. This entitles them to an all-day shopping pass that gives them discount of up to 15% on purchases charged on the card. Salient features of this level aside from those in Classic include a once-a-year complimentary free shipping and non-expiring points.

The third level is Signature Select. This level is for Carson’s credit card holders who have earned at least 1000 points on their purchases. Aside from the all-day shopping pass that gives 20% discount an all expenses and Classic-level features, additional perks include two free shipping coupons per year and non-expiring points.

The highest level of the Carson’s credit card rewards program is the Elite level. This can be achieved by earning at least 1,500 on the card. The only difference between the Elite level and the Signature Select is the three-per-year complimentary shipping coupon.

However, reaching another level of the Carson’s credit card Rewards Program does not guarantee staying there. A Carson’s credit card holder who has not been able to maintain the required points will be downgraded to the level suited for his/her current points. The all-day shopping pass is also only available within 60 days of the issue date and is not applicable to Carson’s online store.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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