What Is A Secured Credit Card

With the credit problems that the nation faces today people are looking for solutions.  

One solution for people with bad credit may come in the form of a secured credit card.  The question for many people; though, is: what is a secured credit card, how is it different from a regular credit card, and what are the advantages of having a secured credit card?

So, what is a secured credit card?

In lamest terms, a secured credit card is a credit card that you need to add a deposit in order to receive credit. The more you deposit, the more you have available to spend on the card. Occasionally, if you keep up with your payments, a bank may add to your credit line for you. It is not to be confused with a debit card which draws money directly from your bank account.

How is it different from a regular unsecured credit card?

By adding a certain amount of collateral, the credit companies are able to put the trust in you that they wouldn’t be able to with an unsecured credit card (assuming you have bad credit). If you don’t have bad credit, getting an unsecured credit card shouldn’t be a difficult. However, for people with bad credit, this is another option you have if a debit card really isn’t your thing.

What are the advantages of having a secured credit card?

For people with bad credit, a secured credit card can be a great way to regain your credit score. If you keep up with payments, you can drastically improve your credit score and give credit companies the opportunity to reinstill trust in you. The disadvantages to having a secured credit card are the annual fees. Also, there may be an application fee for some cards; and, for every secured credit card, there are annual fees. For some people, the annual fees can consume all of the money that you deposit even if you don’t use the card.

Keep in mind, a secured credit card may be the option you’re looking for. It is an opportunity to obtain that credit card that is so necessary in life today, and it is also an opportunity to begin rebuilding your credit score. Now, that you have the answer to “what is a secured credit card?”, you can make an informed decision about obtaining one of the most important pieces of plastic you may ever own ..


Source: Credit Cards For Peope With Bad Credit Rating

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