UltraVX Credit Card

Having a bad credit rating and low credit score seriously injures your financial life.

It’s hard to apply for another credit card. It’s almost impossible to get a loan, and, everyday living is stressful due to notifications, collection calls, and what have you. It’s almost like a limbo of unfortunate events that you just wish you never have to go through. If you plan to improve your credit score through another credit card, then you should choose one that will really assist you, not something that will leave you buried in debt neck down.

One of the most recommended credit cards for people with bad credit is the UltraVX Visa® credit card. This secured credit card is filled with benefits that will help you get a better hold of your financial life. The first is the direct deposit feature that allows paychecks, commissions, or any type of monetary fund be directly deposited to an UltraVX credit card holder’s cash balance. This cash balance has an automatic payment program that removes any risk of paying for penalty fees. Through this, UltraVX credit card holders can make automatic payments (including minimum) from their cash balance. Another feature is the Clear Rewards program that gives 1 point for every dollar spent using the UltraVX credit card. These rewards points can be exchanged for plane tickets from Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, US Air, and JetBlue; certificates from Hilton Hotels and the Marriott; or, gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.

What about fees and interest rates? The UltraVX credit card has a purchase APR of a variable 18.9%, a cash advance APR of the same amount with a grace period of 25 days. The good news is, it does not have a default APR and a minimum finance charge. Other fees for the UltraVX credit card include an annual fee of $83.40, a cash advance fee of $2, and a foreign transaction fee of 3% of the amount in US dollars. When a cardholder goes beyond the due date, a late payment fee of $25 will be incurred. Going over the credit limit will also add a fee of $25 to the UltraVX credit card holder’s bill. Since the UltraVX credit card is secured, an account set-up fee of $29.95 will also be charged. The minimum credit limit (ergo: deposit) is $300 and this can go up to a maximum of $25,000 depending on the cardholder.

Staple features of the UltraVX credit card include an online account that can be accessed 24/7. This account will help the cardholder monitor his/her card activities, pay for bills, and get alerts on the latest promotions. UltraVX credit card also features a customer service that can be reached by phone or online.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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