National City Secured Credit Card

Establishing or rebuilding credit can be very difficult, but an excellent tool exists to help you out with this challenge.
By using a secured credit card, you can obtain the credit you need to help you improve your credit profile when no other form of credit seems to be available for you. When looking for a secured credit card you want to work with a reputable provider that has a national banking footprint. This is why a National City secured credit card is an excellent option for you. The PNC banking group has recently acquired National City and so has the backing needed to provide credit cards you can be confident in. When looking at National City secured credit cards you should note the excellent reward options offered by these cards, tremendous financial assurances, and excellent account management tools.

National City secured credit cards offer excellent reward options that can be converted into rewards of your choice. One very flexible option is reward points that can be converted into various benefits. This is a great option for you if you want to treat yourself every now and then with things such as gas cards, restaurant gift cards, electronics, and much more. This allows you to reward yourself every few months without the guilt of spending money. If instead you love to travel and would prefer to obtain travel-based rewards, then National City has options for such people as well. The travel reward card allows you to earn air miles with every purchase.

In addition to rewards, your National City secured credit card offers tremendous financial assurances that can only be provided by a large and established financial group. Given the prevalence of identity theft today, one of the best financial assurances you can have is fraud protection. In this regard, a National City card definitely delivers as they offer 100% fraud protection. In addition, given the banking of PNC you know your deposit to fund the card is secure.

When it comes to flexible account management, a National City secured credit card delivers. With great online and telephone tools, you can check balances and pay bills online. This allows you to rebuild your credit history by getting payments made in a timely fashion.

 A National City secured credit card provides an excellent tool for those looking to rebuild their credit history. If you are looking to rebuild your credit, then National City’s flexible choice of rewards, financial assurances, and account management tools provide you with a card you can enjoy using.



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