Banks Who Offer Secured Credit Cards

Secured credit cards are considered the answer to bad credit ratings.

In a society where your credit rating serves as your best referral, you are bound to do everything to make your credit score tip the scales at (at least) 600. However, when you are one with payment dues always missed or previous balances always overlooked, the task may be impossible with a regular credit card. This is the reason why banks have come up with secured credit cards, or those that allow you to dictate the credit limit you need. Question is, where do you find banks who offer secured credit cards? There are actually quite a number of them, some highly recommended, others, not so much. Here’s the list of what I found, thus far.

Among the most raved about banks who offer secured credit cards is Applied Bank. From Wilmington, Delaware, this state-chartered bank is on the Top 10 Banks List and one of the most recognized in terms of stability and performance. This bank offers the most recommended secured credit card by the website, TopTenReviews. Applied Bank offers the Platinum Zero Secured Visa and MasterCard. Both cards offer an APR of 9.99% (which doesn’t go up even if you’re late) and a maximum deposit of $5000. Moreover, you can increase your credit limit anytime you want. Among the list of banks who offer secured credit cards, Applied Bank holds the biggest number of positive reviews.

Another of the banks who offer secured credit cards is the New Millennium Bank from New Jersey. This commercial bank offers two types of credit cards, the New Millennium Bank Secured Platinum Visa or MasterCard and the New Millennium Bank Black Diamond Visa or MasterCard. Though reviews on the Black Diamond have been leaning towards the negative, the Secured Platinum has earned quite a few points on having lower than average transaction fees. New Millennium Bank also issues another raved about secured credit card, the UltraVX® Visa®.

Adding to the list of banks who offer secured credit cards is the Public Savings Bank of Pennsylvania, which offers the Public Savings Bank Classic Secured Visa. This card features one of the lowest APRs among secured cards, which is a variable 11.24%.

Rounding up the list of banks who offer secured credit cards is the First Premier Bank. Headquartered in South Dakota, this bank is one of the largest issuers of credit cards in the United States and has, in fact, two secured credit cards for you to choose from, the Centennial® Secured Credit Card and the First Premier® Bank Secured Credit Card. Though the interest rates on both cards are above average, other fees are lower than usual.

While major players also offer the same, the list features the most reviewed of the banks who offer secured credit cards.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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