3V Credit Card

With the unstoppable increase of online fraud and theft, more and more people are now switching to third party credit card companies to pay for their online transactions. However, not all online stores and services accept payment through these companies.

In the event that you need to pay for something you bought online, and you only see a space for a credit card number, what will you do?

The answer is 3V. What is 3V? It is a payment solution that lets you purchase a “voucher” that you can use instead of cash to pay for purchases. The 3V voucher is equivalent to a debit card or a prepaid credit card. It is used mostly to pay for online transactions but is now accepted by a lot of retailers in the UK, Canada, and Ireland.

How does the 3V credit card work? The 3V credit card or the prepaid voucher is a disposable prepaid VISA credit card that comes in denominations of EUR10 from EUR20 to EUR350. Each 3V credit card or voucher contains a 16-digit VISA number that makes purchasing possible. With this number, the card can be used for online, mail order, or phone shopping.

However, aside from the limited amount, the main drawback of the 3V credit card is the expiration date. The card can only be used within two months of its expiration date. The 3V credit card holder should also make sure not to exceed the balance on the voucher. Moreover, the balance on the voucher receiving that amount should not go beyond EUR500. The 3V credit card or voucher is only applicable and suited for low-cost payments such as retail purchases. It cannot be used where actual credit cards are needed such as car rentals, hotels, and movie houses. It is only accepted for card-not-present transactions likes online bookings and payments.

The 3V credit card or voucher is available for purchase for people aged 16 or above who have an email address and a cell phone. You just need to register online through 3V’s website and you’ll receive your identification card. Those who wish to transfer amounts to another voucher will need to be signed in to their accounts to make the transaction possible. This transfer will cost EUR2.50. Other transaction fees assigned to the 3V credit card include a purchase fee of EUR2.50 for those valued from EUR30 to EUR100. For those with values beyond EUR100, a EUR5 purchase fee is required.

The premier advantage of using a 3V credit card or voucher is the security that it provides. All the details for the VISA number are sent to the cardholder via text or email so fraud and unauthorized use is prevented.


Source: Credit Cards For People WIth Bad Credit Rating

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