Unocal 76 Credit Card

Acquired by ConocoPhillips in 2005, Unocal 76 has long been a part of ConocoPhillips’ group of companies.

The Unocal 76 credit card is more commonly known as the ConocoPhilips credit card. Unocal 76 (Conoco Phillips) actually has three personal credit cards that consumers can choose from.

The first Unocal 76 credit card from ConocoPhillips is the Phillips 66®-Conoco®-76® Personal Credit Card. This that standard Unocal 76 credit card offering zero liability on unauthorized charges and the convenience of being accepted at all Phillips 66, Conoco, and 76 outlets nationwide. Another personal Unocal 76 credit card from ConocoPhillips is the 76® Personal Credit Card which also boasts zero liability on unauthorized charges and acceptance at all ConocoPhillips stations nationwide. Both credit cards are issued by Citibank, South Dakota and feature the same rates and fees. Each Unocal 76 credit card has an APR of 24.99% on purchases and 29.95% on cash advances. Both also feature a 25-day grace period. Other fees from both cards include a $2 minimum interest charge, a $10 or 5% cash advance transaction fee, and a few penalty fees including a returned payment fee of $39 and a late payment fee of $20 (dues from $50 to $100), $35 (dues between $100 and $500), or $39 (dues starting from $500). Each Unocal 76 credit card does not have a balance transfer feature and does not charge any annual fee.

Another Unocal 76 credit card available to consumers is the Phillips 66-Conoco-76 MasterCard®. Benefits of this card include worldwide acceptance and ATM access, the option to get supplementary cards for free, flexible payment terms, and online account management. This Unocal 76 credit card also offers 4% rebate on products and services from ConocoPhillips and up to 1% rebate on other purchases. Being from Citibank, the card also features the Citi® Identity Theft Solutions.

The Phillips 66-Conoco-76 MasterCard® comes in Platinum and in Classic. The purchase APR for the Platinum MasterCard is a variable 19.99% while that of the Classic is a variable 23.99%. Other APRs for this Unocal 76 credit card include a 19.99% (Platinum) or 23.99% (Classic) balance transfer APR, a 27.99% cash advance APR, and a default APR of 29.99%. A grace period of 20 days is given to cardholders who manage to pay their bills on time and in full. Though this card doesn’t have an annual fee, it has a minimum finance charge of $0.50. Foreign purchases also get a transaction fee of 3% of the amount in US dollars. Balance transfers are charged with a 3% transaction fee or a minimum of $5. Cash advances, on the other hand, get a 5% fee or a $5 minimum. Penalty fees for this Unocal 76 credit card include a late payment fee and over-the-limit fee of $39 each.

To qualify for any Unocal 76 credit card, you will need to be 18 years or older and a resident of the United States. However, a good credit rating is not really required for this credit card. Those with bad credit scores may apply and get approval but will surely be assigned a lower credit limit or higher APR.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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