Union 76 Credit Card

Like other major gasoline companies in the U.S., 76 (formerly Union 76) offers gas credit cards for personal and commercial use.
It has three personal and two commercial credit cards. Union 76’s personal credit cards include the 76 Gasoline Card, Phillips 66®-Conoco®-76® Platinum MasterCard®, and the Phillips 66®-Conoco®-76® MasterCard®.

The 76 Gasoline Card offers purchasing power and a $0 liability to cardholders. A major perk of this Union 76 credit card is that it is accepted in thousands of 76 gas stations nationwide and that it has no annual fee. Its APR is 24.99% for purchases and 29.95% for cash advances. Transaction fees for this Union 76 credit card include a minimum interest charge of $2.00 and a late payment of $20 on balances from $50 to $100, $35 on those from $100 to $500, and $39 on balances that start from $500. This Union 76 credit card also charges a returned payment fee of $39. It has no added perks like rewards or rebates so there’s really nothing attractive about it. Even if you’re a loyal customer of 76, it’s still smarter to steer clear from this credit card not just because of its high interest rate.

The Phillips 66®-Conoco®-76® Platinum MasterCard® is the more upscale Union 76 credit card. It offers no annual fee and gives the cardholder access to online services including automatic payments and account management. This Union 76 credit card has an APR of 11.24% both on purchases and balance transfers. Be careful with your payments since it has a default APR of 29.99%. Other fees that come with this Union 76 credit card include a minimum finance charge of $0.50 and a late payment fee and an over-the-limit fee of $39 each. It also charges a balance transfer fee of 3% of the amount and a cash advance fee of 5% of the amount. Complaints on this card include inconsistent billing processes. Salient features of this Union 76 credit card include the $0 liability and the presence of 76 branches where you can use it.

Those who are not qualified for the Platinum card can choose the Phillips 66®-Conoco®-76® MasterCard®. This Union 76 credit card has a variable APR of 15.24% on purchases and balance transfers and a cash advance variable APR of 27.99%. Transaction and penalty fees for this Union 76 credit card are the same as those of the Platinum MasterCard.

Basic qualifications for a Union 76 credit card include at least 18 years of age and a valid Social Security Number. However, it does not offer any reason for anyone, even with good credit to use it.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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