The Hess Credit Card

What is different about a Hess Credit card?

The Hess Credit card is specifically designed to reward its customers when they fill up with gas at a Hess gas station. Hess, the company, is the US East Coast's leading independent gas-convenience store retailer. When you fill up at a Hess gas station you are likely to be able to pick up Dunkin Donuts, Godfather's Pizzas and Blimpie sandwiches along with your gas and your carton of milk. With the Hess credit card, you get a 10% rebate on your Hess purchases for the first 60 days, which is a lot of gas savings. Thereafter you get a 3% rebate, but this is only valid for a maximum spend of $400 a month. When you use your Hess credit card anywhere that Visa is accepted for other products, you accumulate an unlimited 1% rebate, unless it is fuel from another gas company. This additional rebate is credited to your account monthly.

Rates and charges

The Hess Credit Card does not have any introductory or special rate offers. It is a standard credit card with no fee and an interest rate that varies between 15.4% APR and 19.24% APR dependant on credit. Unusually, for a credit card, you are more likely to get accepted with poor credit by Hess than other credit card companies. The Hess gas credit card is backed by JP Morgan, Chase; it works as a normal Visa card, but with the extras of rebates on gas. It works best for those who live on the East coast as that is where most Hess gas stations are located. The balance transfer fee is the same as the normal rate, dependant on your credit score, plus a fee of $5 or 3% whichever is greater, so this is not the card to choose if you are moving from another card with a lower interest rate. Cash advance fees are high, from 19.24% to 23.4% APR, plus a fee of $10 or 3% whichever is greater; again not a good idea to use this card for getting out cash.

Summary and comparison

This card is best used if you live in the East coast area, want to reduce your gas charges and do not use it for anything else. It could be a good second card for someone with good credit, as long as you pay off the balance, within 21 days each month; you have saved on gas prices at no additional cost. If you have a history of bad credit that includes bankruptcy or delinquent accounts or credit denied by Chase in the last six months, then your Hess Credit Card application will be turned down.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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