Quiktrip Credit Card

Gas money can be a big burden monthly.
To save a few greens and get something out of liters of gasoline or diesel, getting a gas card is a smart idea. People in the Southern and Midwestern United States can choose to avail a QuikTrip credit card since the chain has more than 500 stores throughout the area. The QuikTrip credit card is created for anyone who wishes to turn routine gas and auto maintenance expenses into a rewarding experience.

The QuikTrip credit card actually offers rebates for every gallon of gas purchased at any QuikTrip gas station. These rebates can be collected and redeemed for a gift card, a check, or can even be credited to a bank account. Just like any rewards program, the amount of rebate you can redeem is dependent on the number of times you use your QuikTrip credit card and the amount you spend on gas. Another good news is that the rebates are not constrained by expiration or spending limits. So, you can keep earning that cash while stopping for gas. You can even use a QuikTrip credit card to purchase in-store merchandise.

Convenience is one of the great things offered by a QuikTrip credit card. All dispensers in Quiktrip gas stations throughout the country are equipped with pay-at-the-pump gas credit card readers to make transaction faster and easier. You can even choose to receive your bills online with QuikTrip’s gas credit card bill service section. This site allows you to view all your purchases, print your statements, ask queries, etc.

With no annual fee and other hidden charges, availing a QuikTrip credit card can actually do you more good than you expect. The company promises not to add any finance charges if the full balance on a monthly credit card statement is paid within 25 days of the billing date. It also guarantees to charge zero interest on new purchases until the 25-day period is completed when the previous balance is zero.

A QuikTrip credit card application can be done online or through mail. Processing time usually takes about one week for online applications and two weeks for mailed applications. The approval is handled by the UMB Bank and is highly depended on credit score. You will need a good-to-excellent credit score, at least 660.

For companies who wish to apply, QuikTrip also offers business fleet accounts. But before you get hyped up with all the positives, make sure that you read and understand well the rules and restrictions that apply to the QuikTrip credit card rewards program. Make sure that the transactions you are making and the products you are purchasing are part of the offer. Remember, to really get the most out of your QuikTrip credit card, settle your monthly dues in full to avoid paying a considerably high interest.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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