Lukoil Credit Card

With over 2,000 facilities nationwide, Lukoil is one of the leading gas companies in the US.

It operates in thirteen states and continues to expand into the US market through its service bay and convenience store outlets. Recently, Lukoil has acquired premium assets of ConocoPhillips in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This move is a guarantee to the continued growth of the company especially in the eastern market of the United States. As part of its marketing campaign, the company now offers two credit cards, one for individual consumers and another for business owners. Each Lukoil credit card is issued by Barclays Bank Delaware and can be used not only at all Lukoil and Getty locations but also everywhere else.

The Lukoil Platinum MasterCard is the only Lukoil credit card for individual consumers who wish to earn gas rebates on every gas purchase charged on their card. A Lukoil credit card holder is given up to 4% in rebates when they refuel at any Lukoil or Getty station and 1% elsewhere. Within sixty days after opening a Lukoil credit card account, the cardholder can earn double rebates (8% in Lukoil or Getty stations and 2% elsewhere) as an introductory promo. Interest rates for this Lukoil credit card include a purchase APR of 12.24%, 14.24%, or 17.24% depending on the applicant’s credit rating. The APR for balance transfers for the first six billing cycles following the opening of the account is 0%. After this period, the rate will revert back to 12.24%, 14.24%, or 17.24%, depending on the cardholder’s worthiness. The APR for cash advances made on this Lukoil credit card is a variable 21.99%. However, a penalty APR of 30.24% may be applied when a cardholder misses a due date, goes over the limit, or has his/her payment returned. Other fees imposed on this Lukoil credit card include an interest charge of $2, a balance transfer fee of $10 or 4% of the amount, a cash advance fee of $10 or 3% of the amount, and a foreign transaction fee of 3% of the amount in U.S. dollars. As for penalty fees, this Lukoil credit card charges a late payment fee and a returned payment fee of $39.95 each. Fortunately, it has no annual fee and over-the-limit fee.

The Lukoil Fleet Card is the credit card designed for business owners who wish to have greater control and better organization of their fleets. This Lukoil credit card program offers online fleet services for account access and management. All Lukoil Fleet Cards also receive monthly fueling and repair transaction reports for free. This way, a business owner can monitor and have greater control on the security and performance of his vehicles.

Each Lukoil credit card holder can also avail of the company’s 24/7 customer service line and online account database.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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