Gas Cash Back Credit Card

What should you look for in a gas cash back credit card?

Of the hundreds that credit card companies offer, which ones offer the best deals? Which gas cash back credit card should you get for yourself? The following is the top gas cash back credit card out there, as affirmed by consumer and expert reviews.

If you prefer to have a credit card that is customized for gas purchases, the Discover® Open Road(SM) Card is the gas cash back credit card for you. This card features a 5% cash back bonus on the first $100 gas and car maintenance purchases every month. It also gives up to 1% cash back on other purchases and 5% to 20% cash back when a cardholder shops at Discover’s online shopping site. This cash back bonus can be redeemed for cash or turned into gift cards or gift certificates from over a hundred brand partners. Built-in features of this gas cash back credit card includes a 24/7 customer service and timely email correspondence that gives the cardholder notices on dues and other promos.

Fees attached to this gas cash back credit card include a standard purchase and balance transfer APR that starts from 11.99% to 20.99%, a cash advance APR of 23.99%, and a default APR that ranges from 16.99% to 25.99%. As an introductory offer, this gas cash back credit card does not charge any interest for purchases and balance transfers made on the first six months from account opening. It also offers a grace period of 25 days, allowing the cardholder to not pay for interest when payments are made in full and on time. Other fees attached to this card include a foreign transaction fee of 2% of the amount in US dollars and a minimum finance charge of $0.50. Transaction fees for balance transfers cost 5% of the amount or $10, whichever is greater. The case is the same for cash advances. Penalty fees, however, are not that friendly. A late payment fee of $19 is charged to balances of up to $250 and $39 to balances that go beyond.

Great features of this gas cash back credit card include a zero annual fee and the complimentary financial education system that Discover offers to all of its cardholders. This helps a lot of cardholders learn about the credit card industry and smart money management skills and practices. This gas cash back credit card also features a zero liability program that protects the cardholder from fraud and unauthorized use. Discover even notifies the cardholder every time an unauthorized activity is occurring.

Since this gas cash back credit card offers a $50,000 credit limit, you will need an excellent or untainted credit rating to be able to apply for one.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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