CITGO Credit Card

CITGO Petroleum Corp. is a major oil conglomerate with over 8,000 retail outlets in the United States.

Known to many, CITGO offers three major credit cards namely: the CITGO Plus card, the CITGO Celebrity card, and Citi® Select® CITGO MasterCard®. Each CITGO credit card can be used as a gas card and is accepted at all CITGO refueling stations nationwide.

The CITGO Plus card and the CITGO Celebrity card are the gas-only credit cards from CITGO. Both are issued by Citibank North Dakota and can be applied for online. The basic CITGO credit card is the CITGO Plus card. Mainly marketed as a no-frills gas credit card, it offers the basic benefits of online payment, zero liability on fraudulent activities, and flexible payment options. This CITGO credit card allows one-time and monthly payment options and provides supplementary credit cards at no cost. APRs for this CITGO credit card include a 24.99% rate for purchases and a 29.95% rate for cash advances. It also has a minimum interest charge of $2 and a cash advance fee of 5% of the amount or $10, whichever is greater.

The CITGO Celebrity card, on the other hand, is the gas card with frills and deals. This CITGO credit card offers a wide array of benefits that include rebates on airline tickets, car rentals, and hotel accommodation, emergency cash and tickets, worldwide weather service, maps and routing, and a flight insurance worth $100,000. It also offers credit card protection and online account management to all cardholders. This CITGO credit card, however, is not available to government, aviation, and commercial accounts.

Both CITGO gas cards incur penalty fees for late and returned payments. Balances of $50 to $100 cost $20. Those between $100 and $500 are charged $35 while balances $500 and over incur a late payment fee of $39. Returned checks will also be charged a $39 returned payment fee.

The only CITGO credit card that can be used as a general-purpose gas card is the Citi® Select® CITGO MasterCard® which can come in Classic or in Platinum. This CITGO credit card offers the ultimate purchasing power with a zero annual fee. The APRs for purchases and balances transfers are 19.99% the Platinum card and 23.99% for the Classic. For cash advances, a variable 27.99% APR is charged. However, when a MasterCard CITGO credit card holder fails to make the minimum payment by the due date or goes over the limit, a default APR of 29.99% will be incurred. The minimum finance charge for this CITGO credit card is $0.50. Transaction fees include a $5 or 3% balance transfer fee, $5 or 5% cash advance fee, and a 3% foreign transaction fee. For late payments and over the limit transactions, a penalty fee of $39 (for each violation) is charged. To qualify for the Platinum CITGO credit card, an applicant should have at least an annual income of $8000.


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