Chevron Credit Card Account

As one of the world’s largest energy companies today, Chevron has thousands of service stations across the nation and overseas.
To customers who refuel at Chevron daily, rebates and cash backs are great rewards for loyalty. This is why they opt to open a Chevron credit card account, to take advantage of the loyalty and rewards programs Chevron has to offer.

To have a Chevron credit card account, you need to apply for a credit card. Chevron actually has two credit cards for customers like you: the Chevron and Texaco credit card and the Chevron credit card. Both credit cards are issued and governed by GE Money Bank. Requirements for both Chevron credit cards include a bankruptcy-free credit history, 18 years of age, and no credit denials by GE within six months prior to the application. Both credit cards have a purchase APR of 26.99%, a cash advance and a penalty APR of 29.99%. Fees include a minimum finance charge of $2, and over-the-limit fee of $39.99, and a returned check fee of $29. For cash advances and access checks, a transaction fee of 5% of the amount or $5 (whichever may be greater) is also included.

Upon approval, you will be able to access your own Chevron credit card account online. Basic requirements include an email address and an account number which will be given with the credit card. Accessing your own Chevron credit card account will allow you to make online payments, view all transactions and electronic payments you’ve made, and enroll in text and mail alerts. Having your own Chevron credit card account will also give you the option to enroll for up to one year complimentary road services that include towing, fuel delivery, tire services, jump start, and others. The Chevron credit card is also accepted at all ATMs with the Cirrus symbol. Once you create your own Chevron credit card account, you will not be held liable for all unauthorized charges whatever the amount and you’ll enjoy credits of 10¢ for every gallon you charge for the first sixty days.

Other perks that come with a Chevron credit card account include an option to enroll in the Chevron Premium Card Membership program, for a significantly low annual membership fee of $25. This program will give you rewards like travel benefits which include but are not limited to hotel discounts and road services.

A new Texaco and Chevron credit card account also gives you the chance to enroll in Chevron’s security program. This Card Security Program will cancel your account balance (up to $10,000) when you experience unemployment, disability, leave of absence, hospitalization, loss of life, and more.

For a gas card, the Chevron credit card comes with a lot of perks, albeit the high interest rate. Although qualifications for this card are not as stringent as others, you should only consider it if you refuel at Chevron on a daily basis.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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