Yard Credit Card

Loyalty is always one thing that companies, even small retailers appreciate about their clients.
Big retail chains like Macy’s and Sear’s offer credit-cum-loyalty cards to their clients to bring them back and encourage spending. For small retail stores who want to build equity, retail credit cards are the way to go.

TD Retail Card Services (TDRCS), a division of Toronto-Dominion Bank, is a company that implements retail credit card programs to small retailers. This company helps stores improve sales by helping them redesign and administer their own retail credit card programs for their customers.

For small to medium scale lawn and garden dealers, TDRCS offers the Yard Card and Yard Card PLUS. The Yard Credit Card and the Yard Credit Card Plus are revolving credit cards that can be used for purchasing new and used products sold at participating lawn and garden retailers. They can also be used for other transactions offered by the store such as parts and services, and others. Specifically created for business owners in the lawn and garden industry, this credit card is now used by 6,000 dealers in the United States alone and is supported by major manufacturers nationwide.

Yard credit card programs can help you increase your sales, drive traffic to your store, offer financial options to your loyal clients, and process your transactions online. TDRCS even has customer service representative available seven days a week in case emergency assistance is needed. Offering the Yard Credit Card and the Yard Credit Card Plus to customers will give them the power to buy future add-on sales and to take advantage of promos and rewards programs from manufacturers and other suppliers. The Yard credit card will even allow you to offer your clients instant credit and special financing when cash is low.

With its flexible payment terms, the Yard Credit Card will help you to customize special sales and promotions that your distributors and manufacturers can sponsor for you. You can even choose to tailor your own promos to meet your objectives.

To apply for the Yard Credit Card and the Yard Credit Card Plus, you just need to visit TDRCS’ website and click the enroll link for your application form. Fill out the application form, send it to TDRCS, and wait for the approval.

If you want to achieve your company’s sales objectives, the Yard Credit Card can help you. If you have further inquiries, you can call TDCRS’ toll free number or email their customer service department.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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