What You Need To Know Before Getting An Anonymous Prepaid Credit Card

Why use an anonymous prepaid credit card?

For many people, shopping on the Internet is a way of life, as too swiping their card at retailers and grocery stores. However, that means there is a lot of your personal data flying around out there, and the number of times your name and address and even phone number are requested per transaction can get a bit worrisome. If you want the convenience of being able to pay by credit card, but would prefer not to have every shop assistant in the local mall know your name, then an anonymous prepaid credit card is the answer. You can still use a credit card and you still have the convenience of not carrying cash around, but you do not have to reveal any of your personal details.

How does an anonymous prepaid credit card work?

The basic idea behind these credit cards is two-fold; one is that your details are kept private, and two that you can control the amount you spend by pre-loading what you can afford as opposed to spending totally on credit. When you look at the different anonymous prepaid credit card suppliers, you may find that they call them privacy cards. There has been an explosion in the prepaid-card market of late, so you now have a lot of choices. The way these cards work varies a little according to the supplier; some are offered like shopping cards, others focus on the use of the card abroad. There are even some anonymous prepaid credit cards that you use once, loaded with a specific sum, and then throw away after the sum is spent. These are aimed at travelers as an alternative to travelers' checks and loaded up in a foreign currency. Essentially you pre-load your card with a certain amount of currency, either directly from your bank account or at a top up point; you then use the card wherever a retailer accepts either MasterCard or displays the Maestro sign. They are useful for online shopping, and can also be given as gift cards if you buy the one use types of cards. The regular use cards come with a pin for withdrawal from any ATM, and you check your balance online, they also have a CVV number on the back like other debit and credit cards.

Features to consider and drawbacks of privacy prepaid cards

Check whether the card on offer is a one-time use or reloadable card. When using your anonymous prepaid credit card you need to make sure that you know how much is on there, the most embarrassing thing to happen when shopping is for your card to be declined. Find out if the provider issues separate id numbers for each transaction, this gives added security. Check the fees charged, a good anonymous prepaid credit card will cost you nothing to run, no issue fee or top up fee and a nominal charge for ATM transactions.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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