Virtual Credit Card

Online shopping is a no-hassle way of getting the products that you want right at your home.

With the multitude of online shopping sites easily accessible with a decent Internet connection, it gives a whole new definition to the world of shopping. To be able to make a payment for the merchandise, you might want to get a Virtual Credit Card for the ultimate shopping ease and convenience.

What is a Virtual Credit Card, you might ask? It is a credit card in an electronic form that is used exclusively when making purchases via the Internet. It has a fixed value, which can only be used once, that is why it is highly recommended that you max out this value to make the most out of it. In addition to that, it cannot be reloaded to make another purchase, thus your budget is totally controlled this way.

Because of this, a Virtual Credit Card is a good tool for consumers who are trying to budget their money. This way, a good credit score is obtained due to the one-time constriction of the VCC. In the long run, it might be a tool to maintain a good credit history because mindless usage of your actual credit card is minimized in this manner. Watch out though, because it is only good for three months, so use it before the validity expires.

It is known to most people that hackers abound the Internet. They can creep into your accounts to steal your hard-earned money. With a Virtual Credit Card, security is a priority. It is managed by a secure offshore bank, and the credit cards distributed through e-mail contain a 16-digit VCC number, 3-digit CVV number, credit amount, issuance date, and expiration date. With this, whoever you are and wherever you may live, enjoying the comfort of online shopping is within reach.

Shopping with a Virtual Credit Card is easy because any website that accepts Visa will also accept VCCs. Just be cautious though of websites that ask for the actual credit card number, because using a VCC does not require this. If ever you find yourself in such a website, do not trust it, do not give out your essentials, and do not purchase anything from it.

However, there are some setbacks with the Virtual Credit Card. First, no online statements are sent with regard to the purchases made. Second, purchases made with it cannot be cancelled due to restrictions in electronic processing. And third, there are no warranties when it is used at an unauthorized website. That is why it is very important to verify the credibility of a website first before feeding it with any information to prevent problems from occurring.

If you want to go into online shopping but are afraid of mistakenly giving out your credit card information, then the Virtual Credit Card is the one for you. It is good for a single Internet purchase, which is somehow a wise way of shopping. Training yourself to be a responsible credit card holder is easy with a VCC.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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