Too Many Credit Cards

How many credit cards should each person have?
How many is too many when it comes to credit cards? Is it alright to have too many credit cards? Are there any advantages of having too many credit cards? Where can having too many credit cards lead you to?

According to the Center for Media Research, 51% of Americans have two or more credit cards, although a lot of them are afraid of having too many. When it comes to credit cards, there is actually no clear-cut answer to the question: how many is too many? Cardholders, in the first place, are consenting adults who are fully aware of their responsibilities. They can have as many cards as they can manage responsibly. After all, they will still be the first ones to feel the negative aspects of having too many credit cards.

However, for those who are just starting out with their credit or trying to rebuild or reestablish it, one should be enough. You’ll need to prove to yourself and the card issuer first that you can manage your credit card successfully before taking on another responsibility. Telltale signs that you have too many credit cards include losing track of all your bills every month and falling behind on payments. If you can’t manage a certain number of credit cards, then you know that you need to give up some of them.

Some people are actually more cautious about having too many credit cards. They fear that having higher credit limits would persuade them to overspend; so, they stick to one or two. Others are afraid that when creditors see their multiple open credit lines, they would be suspected to be more likely to drown in debt and would be rejected for loans.

Still for some people, you can never have too many credit cards. One of the primary reasons is safety, especially during emergencies. Having back-up cards can be valuable in cases where your primary credit card is stolen or denied. It is also smarter to use another card for online purchases. This way, it’s easier to track down fraudulent activities like identity theft. Another reason why you can’t have too many cards is the rewards that you get for your purchases.

Having too many credit cards can actually lead to overspending or deeper debt when managed irresponsibly. What experts suggest is keeping the number to three or less. This way, you can have a primary card for personal purchases and two for emergencies. You can actually use the second card for online spending and the third for business transactions. This way, it will be easier for you to track your bills, organize, and pay them.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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