How To Deal With Collection Agencies

Illness, unemployment or overlooked bill payments, are some of the reasons or cases why collection agencies would come a knocking at your door.

Many people who were unfortunate enough to have confronted these outfits would say that collection agencies tend to manipulate and cheat the collection process to their advantage. So the question is, how to deal with collection agencies effectively. This article will teach you the various ways on how to deal with collection agencies.

A common complaint among consumers is that the collection agencies do not have a fair process when it comes to collecting. They often call the person and try to harass them through the phone. The person being threatened must know his rights when it comes to dealing with these collection agencies. One must familiarize themselves with the Fair Debt Collection Act. Knowing your rights as a debt payer will help you handle those agencies who insist on threatening you. Another way on how to deal with collection agencies is to know exactly how much you owe these agencies. The consumer should ask for a report from these collection agencies. Every consumer is entitled to it, so don't hesitate to ask for an annual report. Also, record the calls that the collection agencies make. If the agencies try to argue with you and do not stop harassing you even though you have a completely reasonable explanation, you can always use recorded messages against them.

In dealing with aggressive collection agencies, you must at all times maintain your composure. When an agency tries to call you, they would be expecting that the person on the other line would be mad and is totally screaming over the phone. Instead of screaming over the phone, you must stay calm and collected. It is recommended that you talk to agents in a careful and respectful manner. Think of the collection process as a game. The more you try to be calm and composed, the more control and power you have over collectors. When you have control over a collection situation, you can set your own terms with a particular agency.

If you are still wondering on how to deal with collection agencies, then remember what your goal is, and that is to drive and control the collection call. Being in control of a call will allow you to come to a mutually acceptable settlement with the collector. If you lose your temper, it is highly probable that you will get yourself into deeper trouble.


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