Graham King Credit Card

Credit cards are used for virtually any type of purchase these days.
Most notably, a credit card number is required for commerce over the internet. In order to make an online purchase or to sign up for an online service, a valid credit card number, card expiration date, and sometimes a validation number are required. Signing up for an online service with a credit card is easy and fast. However, when you want to cancel the service, there may be a problem removing your credit card number from that site. The Graham King credit card number system may aid people in removing their sensitive credit card information.

Data that is entered electronically, such as a credit card number, is often stored in perpetuity. Because people long ago realized that electronic data is vulnerable to loss if it there is not an active process to permanently maintain it, backup systems and databases were created as a way to store electronic data. Virtually all data entered into sites on the internet is maintained by a similar system. This makes removing sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, difficult.

Graham King recently originally devised this set of credit card numbers a few years ago to conform to the Luhn formula, just as valid credit card numbers do. The Graham King credit card numbers, however, are not numbers associated with real accounts. They were developed as tools for programmers to use as a way to test e-commerce web sites. The Graham King credit card numbers are available online for anyone to use. They can be entered into the credit card field on any web site and most sites accept them at the pre-validation state. The numbers are not accepted at the card processor or bank stages. When selecting a credit card expiration date, any date within the next three years should suffice.

What is especially handy for people who would like to remove their current credit card number from a web site, is that these numbers can be used as a replacement for your current credit card information. If you want to discontinue a service, simply update your card information online and enter one of the Graham King credit card numbers in place of your card number. There are Graham King credit card numbers for Mastercard, Visa 16 digits, Visa 13 digits, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, enRoute, JCB 16 digits, JCB 15 digits, and Voyager. Each category of credit card has at least three different and unique Graham King numbers. The numbers are based on the MOD 10 algorithm. The last digit of the card number is the check digit and is an important number for banks and web sites to ensure it is a valid credit card number.

The Graham King credit card numbers are a technical resource that anyone can use. Handy for programmers who are developing web sites and useful for lay people who are looking for a way to replace their current credit card information online, the Graham King credit card numbers conform to the basic anatomy of a credit card number.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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