Credit Card Safety Tips

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States today.
People can now easily access a credit card account and steal credit card numbers without batting an eyelash. No matter how much protection your credit card issuer assures you of, you can never be too careful with your credit card. This is why everyone including credit card companies, banks, consumer groups, and even concerned consumers freely give each other credit card safety tips.

Most credit card safety tips are common knowledge. They are the simplest and most logical things you can do to keep your credit card safe. First on the list of credit card tips is keeping all important credit card information secret. Only you should know your credit card number and you should only give it to those who really need to know. You should also never write your credit card information precariously on anything that you just leave lying around for people to see. Also, do not just hastily enter your credit card details on a website or give it to anyone over the phone especially if you did not initiate the call or the email. You should only deal with websites that have the MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa logo. Make sure you’re on top of everything you’re doing before sharing your credit card number. You should be more careful with your mail and sending checks by mail, as well. Shredding all mail with credit card information is a good idea. Thieves can sneak up to mail boxes or go through your trash for pertinent information on your credit card.

Second on the list of credit card safety tips is keeping the credit card you’re carrying limited to one or two. There’s no reason for you to carry all five of your credit cards in your wallet. Keep the rest locked and safe in your home. This way, you will not only be clear of overspending, you’ll also have a fallback when your wallet gets lost or stolen.

Third on the list of credit card safety tips is monitoring and studying your monthly bills. It’s always a smart idea to keep all your receipts and to record the charges you make on your credit card. This way when the billing cycle ends, you can take a look at what’s written on the bill and compare them with your receipts. Any charge that you do not recognize should be proven legitimate. Receipts will also help you raise disputes in case errors on the billing statement occur. Since companies will need documentation of purchases, you will have your receipts to prove them.

Fourth on the list of credit card safety tips is enrolling in a credit card monitoring service. This is a legit means for you to check your credit report frequently and be notified of any account opening in your name.

These credit card safety tips will not only keep you away from fraud, they will help you steer clear from credit card mishaps that may get you into trouble.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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