Credit Card Redemption

To some consumers, rewards are the best part of having credit cards.

hey come in the form of gift cards, merchandise, or even cash - everything that people want. They, however, tend to disregard the terms and conditions that apply to the rewards program of the credit cards that they have. Sometimes, credit card companies require the redemption of credit card rewards to be within a certain period. Sometimes, they impose limits. What every cardholder should know is the rules of credit card redemption in order for them to truly enjoy the rewards offered by their credit cards. The credit card company’s customer service line is generally open 24/7 for cardholders who have queries on their card’s rewards program and the credit card redemption rules.

How does credit card redemption usually work? The exact rules on redeeming rewards depend on the credit card company. Generally, credit card redemption rules are stated in the terms and conditions of the credit card. Rewards are often shown through catalogs that are either sent by mail or seen on the credit card company’s website. The catalog or website should also include the amount of points needed for each reward and the proper way to redeem them.

If there are restrictions or additional conditions attached to a reward, the company should exquisitely state them. Credit card redemption rules for travel rewards, for example, are usually limited to certain dates, airlines, or seats. Since the credit card company will be the one shouldering all expenses, they want to make sure that they can escape from the price of travelling during peak periods. A cardholder should then make sure to read these conditions before choosing a reward, lest s/he want his/her rewarding trip to just be full of hassle.

Some credit card redemption rules also limit the number of points that a cardholder can earn for a given time, for example, a year. Some even restrict the period that points remain valid. Expiration dates on earned points are often imposed, requiring cardholders to redeem rewards within a pre-set period in order to avoid invalidation of accumulated points.

It is also smart to check the company’s website from time to time to see if any special rewards or promos are offered. During holidays, credit card companies often go out of their way to give cardholders the types of rewards that they will appreciate. They also become more generous during company anniversaries and special occasions. These are wonderful instances to take full advantage of a credit card rewards program.

Credit card redemption is usually done online, by phone, or by mail. When filling out a redemption form, a cardholder should make sure to write all necessary information correctly and that no part of the form is left black. Sometimes, redemption forms are ignored simply because they are incomplete or incorrectly filled out.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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