Cancel Credit Card Transaction

Sometimes, products and services are not what you think they are.
You go online and find this amazing travel package to your dream destination. You immediately book it, enter your credit card number, and authorize the transaction. Only to find out while the transaction is being processed that you’ll need to pay an additional few hundred bucks for certain fees. You smell a scam and try to cancel but you’ll be charged a $50 transaction fee. Can you get out of this? Is it still possible cancel credit card transaction processes without having to pay for any fee?

To cancel credit card transaction processes, you first need to analyze the type of product or service you bought. Did you buy merchandise online that you did not receive or had poorer quality than what was described? Did you return the merchandise that you bought through your credit card? Did you use your credit card for a service that did not go as agreed upon by you and the provider? For one-time and immediate payment deals like these, it is impossible to cancel credit card transaction processes since they are automated and the payment process occurs at once. This leaves no chances for cancellation. What you can do is raise a dispute by writing to your credit card company. If investigations prove you right, you can get a refund.

However, there are certain types of situations that will allow you to call your credit card company and cancel credit card transaction processes you charged. Say you want to remove the website that you’re paying for with your card. However, for some reason, you cannot contact your web maintenance agency. This gives you enough grounds to call your credit card company and have the transaction cancelled. Credit card companies usually only allow you to cancel credit card transaction processes for case like these.

So, back to the case of hidden travel charges that you only knew of too late. The best thing to do is call your credit card company immediately. Report to the credit card company what happened and ask about the possible options that you may take to recover your money. Some companies will allow this to be disputed and investigate upon the matter. Others will grill you with questions like if you understood the agreement perfectly before entering your credit card information. If they see that part of it is your fault, you may not get to cancel the transaction at all and will be advised to just pay the cancellation fee. So, whatever the situation, make sure that you have your case ready.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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