Western Division Credit Union

Eligibility and Overview

Western Division Credit Union is the largest credit union servicing western New York. It has over 300 participating groups in its membership and is open to individuals that live, worship, work, attend school or volunteer in Chautauqua or Erie, New York. Membership eligibility extends to members families, for all generations. They started in 1937 originally serving exclusively, National Grid employees. Western Division has a federal charter now so is actually Western Division Federal Credit Union.

Home Banking, Checking Services

Western Division Credit Union offers a checking account that has no monthly service charge or per check fee and no minimum balance required. They are part of the AllPoint ATM group with over 25,000 ATM's free for their customers to withdraw from, and 850 of these are in Western New York. Their check card offers free cash back option when you are buying products; you simply tell the cashier that you want some extra cash on top of the purchase, and they process the transaction as a debit, and give you cash back. This is immediately debited from your account. They also offer free Internet and telephone banking; online pay your bills and overdraft protection. You can link your savings account with your checking account, so that if a transaction is going to put your checking account into overdraft, the funds are automatically transferred from your savings account. Another option is to set up a line of credit with an interest rate of 12%. The limits range from $200 to $2,000 and only the exact amount overdrawn is taken from this.

Credit Cards and other services

Western Division Credit Union offers a Visa credit card, limit from $250, with a variable interest rate, currently at an APR of 11.25%, based on Prime + 8%. Each month, credit card customers, get a 1% rebate on the value of their retail purchases, which is probably a lot more attractive than point's schemes. There is no annual fee for this card, and a 25 day grace period to pay off the balance, or make at least the minimum payment. Personal loans from $500 are available, subject to credit checking, starting from 9.99% interest on loans up to 36 months and increasing to 10.24% up to 48 months, and 10.49% up to 60 months. Western Division also offers vehicle loans from as little as 2.99% and a range of home equity loans and mortgages. All offers are subject to a credit check, but Western Division Credit Union has a very simple structure for offering credit and loans.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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