Wanigas Credit Union

Wanigas Credit Union, located in Michigan, is a financial organization operated and owned by its members.

It is committed to providing financial services and products of high quality to meet the dynamic needs of its financial constituents.

History and Establishment

Members of the Saginaw Division Plant 2 founded the Wanigas Credit Union in 1952. Back then, the union was known as the Saginaw Gun Plant Employees Federal Credit Union. After four years, the Union joined forces with another, specifically with the Saginaw Steering Gear Division Federal Credit Union of Plant 1; with this, it was renamed to Wanigas Federal Credit Union, with twenty-four members. Wanigas was coined from Saginaw, spelled backwards.

The Wanigas Credit Union currently has twenty six thousand members and with over two hundred forty million assets. Since becoming a community charter credit union in 2005, it has reached out to several counties, such as Clare, Gratiot, Midland, Isabella, Saginaw, Bay, Gladwin, Osceola and Tuscola. It then became a state chartered credit union after three years. As the union's assets and members continue to increase over the past years, it has adapted to this change by offering more services and products to its valued constituents. The union boasts of providing excellent services in finance at low cost to its members. Ultimately, this very trait makes it an important resource in Michigan's financial sphere.

Products and Services

The Wanigas Credit Union caters to the dynamic financial needs of its members, so it has a variety of products and services available at low cost.

Loan products - allows members of the Wanigas Credit Union to purchase assets that they need such as a house, car, and even home renovations. With this, the union provides a variety of loans in flexible terms at competitive rates, suitable to every need of its members. This includes the following: auto loans, home equity, VISA credit card, personal loans, RV and boat loans, and mortgages.

Deposit products - the union is aware of the importance of saving money. Thus, this product allows members of the Union, several options in setting aside precious finances. The union offers the following: money market accounts, IRAs, payroll deduction, savings accounts, direct deposit, certificates of deposit, ATM/debit cards, certificates of deposit and checking accounts.

Online services - not to be outdone, the union has been adapting to technological trends; hence, it offers online services to make life simple and uncomplicated for its members. The services that they provide include paying bills, reorder checks, applications, estatements, EZ banking phone services and home banking.

More services - striving to provide high quality services to meet the dynamic needs of its members, the Wanigas Credit Union also provides the following services: safety deposit boxes, savings bond, insurance, notary public, prepaid cards and gift cards.


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