Vons Credit Union Vamps Up

Financial home to 40,300 employees, family members, residents and workers, Vons Credit Union is not just for Vons employees anymore.

The scope of its financial services has expanded consistently since the credit union was founded in 1954. Vons Credit Union has risen to each challenge presented in the financial industry and has remained progressive and profitable for its members.

South El Monte, El Monte, Monrovia and Irwindale as well as certain areas of Temple City and Arcadia encompass Vons Credit Union’s membership area. Even if you only attend school or church in these areas, you are eligible to belong to the community based financial institution which credit unions are.

Vons Credit Union services its members through a network of branch offices, shared banking locations and over 25,000 ATM’s that they can make deposits, transfer money between accounts or get cash from without incurring fees. Vons Credit Union online banking services include the ability to fill out a loan application, make loan payments, check your balance and various account histories, move money between accounts and pay bills.

New and used vehicle loans for the purchase price at 100% financing begin at 2.99% APR and even for a 72 month loan is offered at 4.99% to members with Premier FICO scores of 750 or better. Financing includes required tax, license, MBI and GAP insurance costs. Credit is extended to individuals based on their FICO score. Vons Credit Union has a highly diversified Real Estate program and offers 10 to 30 year loans with down payments ranging from 5% to 20% down. A Mini Home Equity Loan can be acquired for as low at $25,000 at 6.99% while the more common Home Equity Line of Credit is offered for amounts from $25,000 to $100,000 at prime + 0%.

Platinum Visa cards through Vons come in four forms. The Visa Plus is offered at a fixed 8.9%. Premium Visa rates are at 13.9% while share secured Visa loan rates are in between at 10.9%. All three have a maximum credit limit of $25,000. Vons Credit Union helps its members that have developed a bad credit history by offering the New Start Visa. This card has a $2,500.00 credit limit and a very attractive non-variable APR of 16.9%. A Vons member with bad credit can develop a new credit history with wise use of the New Start Visa.

Vons Credit Union provides a safe and encouraging environment for all members. It’s a good place to bank no matter what your credit score is.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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