Union Square Federal Credit Union

For the last 54 years, Union Square Federal Credit Union has faithfully adhered to the 'people-helping people' foundation of its existence.

At the same time, it continues to exercise sound financial practices resulting in a solid financial base and financial strength. Union Square Federal Credit Union strives to be the financial center of your choice.

Membership and Location

The following are eligible for membership to Union Square Federal Credit Union: (1) persons who live or work in Wichita County, Texas; (2) Spouses of persons who died while members of the credit union; (3) Members of the immediate family of a person meeting the above requirements; and (4) Members of organizations meeting the above requirements. The main office of Union Square Federal Credit Union is located in Wichita Falls, Texas with branches in Sheppard AFB, Downtown Wichita Falls, Kemp Street, and Burkburnett.

Products and Services

The services provided by Union Square Federal Credit Union include the following: (1) checking accounts - Premier Checking, Preferred Plus Checking, and Golden Eagle Account for members aged 60 and above; (2) Share (Savings Account); Loan Products - one stop new and used auto loans - at the dealership, and credit cards; (4) mortgage services - home equity and home improvement loans; (5) MasterMoney Debit Cards; (6) Foreign Currency; (7) Online Banking; and so much more.

Credit Card Services

The credit cards of Union Square Federal Credit Union are Regular VISA and MasterCards, Gold VISA and MasterCard, and Platinum VISA. These have an APR of 15.9%, 12.9% and 8.9% respectively. Their features include: 25 days grace period for purchases, no annual fees, late payment fee of 5% of minimum payment due, and 1% foreign currency conversions for overseas purchases.

Building/Re-building Credit

Unlike some credit unions, Union Square Federal Credit Union does not have a credit card program specifically for those starting to build a credit history or those with a blemished credit history. However, if you are qualified for membership to the credit union, you can try to apply for one. You may be given a 'secured' credit card with higher than their usual APRs, higher fees for late payment, and you may have to pay annual fees. You may also be required to have a co-signor or guarantor and your credit limit may be lower. However, take whatever opportunity there is to build or re-build your credit. If your credit application is disapproved, ask to be allowed to open an account so you can prove yourself to them. There are really no quick-fix solutions to repair or build credit. It takes some time. Meanwhile, practice having financial discipline.


Source: Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Rating

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